Canada Beauty Maker: Graydon

founder of graydon skincare

Our ongoing Natural Beauty Maker mini-series celebrates the amazing beauty brands we have in Canada! Recently, I asked Graydon, the founder of Graydon Skincare, to reveal her most popular products and which one she thinks we all need to try!

She also shared her super smart beauty tip with us, and its personally already made me reconsider how I can stay more hydrated!

Watch this fun video with Graydon as she answers 54 questions about her life, favourite spice, her favourite smoothie ingredient, the items she always keeps in her purse while she shows us around her house and studio.

A Mini-Interview with Graydon

What is your best seller and why do you think it does so well?

Face Food is hands down our Hero Product. Besides the fact that it’s packed with a bevvy of skin loving minerals, it does really well for us because it works to boost hydration with literally every skin type. Plus it’s unscented!

What’s the underdog product you really love and think more people should know about?

We don’t really have one but I’d say that more people ought to know about because it’s such a great help for stinky boys and men. And pretty much all of us have at least one of them in our lives who could smell a lot better.

What’s the item do you find people start with and then come back for more?

Our Aloe Milk Cleanser is such a crowd pleaser. Excellent for both dry and oily skin, it bonds with all the grime and makeup on your face and melts it right off leaving you with smooth, lightly moisturized skin.

What makes your beauty line unique?

Everything we develop is very much inspired from my culinary background. Our basic criteria is that our formulas must come from plant-powered, nutrient rich ingredients. Like our Green Cream for example, it’s seriously like a fresh salad for your skin.

Thanks so much for sharing, Graydon! I know I can’t live without your Face Food Mist, either! 

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