Greenproofing Your Baby’s Personal Care Products

Greenproof baby bath and body products with terra20

Babyproofing your home is a regular practice for parents. Electrical outlets are covered, gates are placed at stairs, and drawers locked with the intent to keep your children safe from harm. But there is often a missing piece when it comes to maximizing the safety of your home environment for children; being unaware of the toxic chemicals that sneak into children’s lives through their bath and body products.

Clean Up Your Baby’s Personal Care Products

Shortly after the birth of my oldest son, I remember all too well the horror I felt when I learned after an evening researching on EWG’s Skin Deep website that the popular baby products I had received as a shower gifts contained scary sounding toxic ingredients like SLS, PEG compounds and more. Most of them also included the fragrance which is an umbrella term for many hidden chemicals that can irritate skin and respiration. These were the traditional items that my own family had used on myself and my siblings, I thought that any products made for a baby would be safe and pure. I couldn’t bear to use them any more! I spent hours researching better baby products and I’ll share with you my five steps for choosing greener ones for your baby.

Audit your baby’s personal care products: If you already have purchased personal care products for your baby, audit them to find out just how dirty they are (or arent’) using these simple steps for a beauty audit using the Canadian Think Dirty app. Children are much more susceptible to the effects of chemicals since they are developing so it’s important to do this step as soon as possible. If you are pregnant, now is the perfect time to audit your own beauty products to reduce chemical exposure for you and your babe!

Keep things simple: Make a list of products your baby actually needs and uses, then try to reduce this list!  If your babe doesn’t have dry skin, than there’s no need to lather them up with skin cream each day.

Source better products: Source products that are free from the Environmental Defence’s Toxic Ten ingredients list by shopping from retailers like terra20 that are transparent about the products they are caring and their ingredients. terra20 also has a Clean Start program, where you can begin saving money and storing up bonus points as soon as you are pregnant.

Green baby bath products from terra20

My shopping list: Wondering what your baby actually needs? This is the list of baby personal care products I’d recommend to friends and clients based on the needs of my two babies. Some of the items will be used less often depending on the needs of your child, like the scalp oil, and some you will be replenishing more frequently, like the bubble bath! I’d personally buy two, knowing what big fans my children are of bubbly baths!

Reorder earlier: Reorder each product before you run out to avoid the rush of last-minute purchases filled with toxic ingredients just because you had no more diaper cream.

These five steps will help keep toxic chemicals found in many conventional baby body and bath products away from your little one.

Disclosure: I am a terra20 Clean Start program ambassador, I received compensation to write this post. I only work with companies that align with my eco-friendly standards, all opinions are my own.


  • Anne says:

    During my breastfeeding years, I was told lanolin was the thing to use. Who knew?

  • lindsay says:

    I haven’t tried all of these brands but have heard of many of them. It’s so important to use safe products on our babies. Thanks for sharing this great content Sarah.

  • Lori Popkewitz Alper says:

    Great tips Sarah. It’s always so nice to see what other people are using. I also like the idea of buying ahead so you’re not forced to make toxic purchases in a pinch.

  • Anna @Green Talk says:

    Love the tips Sarah. It is really important to start the nontoxic routine with babies.