5 Breastfeeding and Pregnancy Tips To Boost Your Body’s Wellbeing

pregnancy health tips

Being pregnant and nursing a baby can be very demanding on the body. While you don’t really need to “eat for two” you do want to consider a few breastfeeding and pregnancy tips to keep both yourself and your baby healthy.

A pregnant woman needs an additional 300 calories per day, while a breastfeeding woman needs an extra 500 calories per day.

Healthy Breastfeeding and Pregnancy Tips

Eat real food

Pregnancy cravings and lack of sleep are sure fire ways of making your body crave the foods you shouldn’t be eating. While it’s ok to enjoy special treats occasionally, I would encourage you to focus on a whole foods diet. Think; fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.

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Pump up your healthy fats

A fetuses central nervous system is developing in pregnancy and what the brain needs is omega 3s. Add flax seed oil, hemp seed oil, hemp hearts and walnuts to your diet. I do recommend an Omega 3 oil to ensure adequate amounts. Most people know about fish oils, but a vegan algae oil is also available and high in omega 3’s for those who don’t consume fish.

Think magnesium

Restless legs, Charlie horses, nervous tension, poor sleep, constipation. These can all be signs that you are deficient in magnesium. While it can help any of the issues listed, I recommend taking this before bed as it promotes a restful sleep. We can all use some help with that.

Food sources rich in magnesium; dark green leafy vegetables, almonds. You can also take a powdered version or a capsule with some calcium as well.

Love nettles

This is one of my favorite herbs and great news, it’s safe to take when pregnant or breastfeeding. This plant is packed full of vitamins and minerals and easy on the palate.

Mix 1 tbsp of the dried herb in a tea strainer with some boiling water and you’ve got yourself a nourishing cup of safe for breastfeeding or pregnancy tea!

Listen to your body

Making a baby and then feeding a baby is a lot of work! It’s hard for some to take a step back from the hustle of life. I really encourage you to listen to your body and give yourself the permission to rest if you are tired. I always loved this saying, “the days are long, but the years are short”. It’s very true so enjoy this time.