How To Stay Cool On Hot Summer Nights

how to cool down a room

Summer days, drifting away, to (ah oh) those summer nights…

Yes, summer nights can be steamy but it’s hard to be in ‘the mood’ when it’s too hot. And while cranking the air conditioning can be one solution, there are other things you can do to save energy while keeping cool (in the bedroom) this summer.

How to Cool Down a Room on Hot Summer Nights

1. Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans help make you feel cooler by a couple degrees and help circulate the air to make you more comfortable. A table- or floor-mount fan can also be effective, but they don’t have the same coverage. Check your utility for rebates or discounts on efficient ceiling fans – in Ontario, SaveONEnergy has coupons for a bunch of energy efficient products, including fans.

2. Windows

When days are hot but nights are cool, remember to open up the windows and turn off the AC when the sun goes down. This helps flush out the space and allows you to cool down without all the energy use. And if you’re worried about a-hem, some noise, you can always close your bedroom windows and open them for when you are ready to sleep.

3. Window Coverings

Keep your curtains or blinds closed during the day, especially for west or south-facing rooms. This will keep the temperature down – and saves you a step when you’re ready for some privacy.

4. Bedding

Stay cooler with natural fibres like cotton (organic, ideally). And in this case, a higher thread count is not necessarily better. With a tighter weave, there’s less ability for the fabric to breathe. So opt for a 400 thread count to balance comfort and function.

These tips are also great for the kids’ rooms, to help them have a more comfortable sleep. If open windows overnight aren’t an option for them, you can still open them up before bedtime and use fans to help keep their rooms cool (and act as a white noise machine!).

four tips to cool down a room

By taking some steps to help create a cooler space first, even if you do turn on the air conditioning you’ll be able to set it a few degrees higher. So don’t forget to check your thermostat setting, and try keeping it around 25 – 26 degrees. If it’s still too warm, drop it by a half degree at a time rather than cranking it right down.

Stay cool, green moms!

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  • We were lucky to build in an urban forest and oriented the house and windows to capture any breezes off the lake. We also have ceiling fans in the bedroom, but the five year old isn’t interested in getting naked!