How To Make Infused Water

How To Make Your Own Fruit Infused Water

Drinking water is an important piece of healthy living, the more water I drink the better I feel! But I get busy and too often find myself with a full bottle of water at the end of a day. Sometimes I’m also bored of drinking the same things: water, smoothies, and tea or coffee. Does this happen to you, too?

As we head into the hot days of summer, I’m spending much more time outdoors with my children. It’s time to break out my favourite way to encourage us all to stay hydrated by infusing water with some fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Think subtle tastes rather than strong flavouring.

How to make your own infused water

Steps To Make Your Own Infused Water:

  1. Choose your favourite fruits, vegetables, and herbs and playfully combine together to find your favourite flavour combinations.
  2. Use filtered or tap water. Add ice to make it extra cold.
  3. Wash all fruits, veggies, and herbs before placing in your water. Try this simple fruit & veggie wash recipe.
  4. Lightly squeeze the fruit and/or herbs or mash gently with a wooden spoon to subtly release the tastes.
  5. Use a mason jar, glass pitcher, or your preferred summer bottle to store your homemade infused water. I love glass ones because I can admire my pretty combination!
  6. Reuse the fruit/vegetable/herb mixture a few times throughout the day. Eat and enjoy it or compost when done.

My favourite infused water combinations include:

  • Grapefruit+rosemary
  • Orange+lemon+lime
  • Apple+lemon+ginger
  • Watermelon+mint
  • Cucumber+lemon+lime
  • Peach+blackberry+thyme