5 Ways To Improve Your Instagram Feed

5 ways to improve your instagram feed

When I land on your Instagram feed, I should be able to tell who you are and what you are about.  You have 9 squares, sometimes only 6, to make an impression and make me want to connect with you. Here are my top 5 tips for making your Instagram more attractive and useful, because if those 9 squares don’t stand out, people (and brands) are going to move on.

5 Tips For Making Your Instagram Feed

1. Create a recipe for your images. Choose an editing app (I love VSOC) or use Instagram’s own editing tools to play around with your photos to find the look you love. Once you’ve decided what you love, write down the recipe and use it over and over. This simple step goes a long way in creating a feed that looks purposeful and pretty! If you don’t have a good photo then don’t share it.

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2. Use a trackable link. This tip is really for making Instagram work better for you! How can you know how your strategy is working if you can’t measure it? In your Instagram bio, consider using a trackable link. You’ll be able to see clearly how much traffic Instagram brings you and translate this to brands. I use my trackable link to bring people to my green beauty opt-in and get most of my sign-ups from Instagram especially when I include a call-to-action in a relevant photo. Alternatively, you can send people to a dedicated page such as a resource page or an opt-in just for your Instagram fans.

3. Give it away now. Make a great recipe or a craft? Tell your followers how to do it right in the caption of your photo. Refrain from asking them to go to your blog in each post rather save your call-to-actions (i.e., go read my blog post) for a special piece. Instead, engage your followers right on your photo with questions, and photos which will encourage them to stop and comment.

4. Think about the whole puzzle. What do I mean by this? In those precious 9 squares consider where everything you want to share will land. Perhaps you love to share motivational quotes? Spread them out so they aren’t side by side but rather bookended with photos. I recommend creating a style guide for any graphics you create as well so your feed looks well planned. Also, consider the colours from photo to photo…how can you connect them?

5. Clean up your feed. If you’re looking at your Instagram feed right now wondering what you can do to make it more attractive here’s my advice…go through and delete any photos that aren’t great. Too dark, hardly any likes, no longer fit in with your aesthetic, or even contests you shared awhile ago….hit delete. Just like your home, you need to tend to these photos regularly to make sure they fit with your brand.

Instagram tips for bloggers

Instagram Coaching For Bloggers

If you want help creating your Instagram strategy, I’m offering limited coaching sessions for $29 for a 30-minute session. Together, we’ll audit your Instagram and work on a plan to meet your goals.

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During our session, I’ll tell you the ways I get the attention of and work with brands on Instagram, even though my numbers aren’t huge. And if you’re interested in hosting giveaways, I’ll even share with you how I run giveaways on Instagram that attract new followers who stick around!

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