How To Prepare Your Kids For Independent Bath Time

kids bath time

Disclosure: I have partnered with Electric Pizza Co and Caribbean Natural on this sponsored post. All opinions in the post are my own.


Bath time has always been my cure all for anything.
Sick days, fussy days, and bedtime routines. Bored at home on maternity leave days, and more recently, the kids are arguing and I must separate them days. I have a gajillion photos of my boys, alone and together, in the bathtub.
A new milestone occurred a few months ago, my oldest doesn’t need my help bathing any more, nor does he want it. 😭
In a flash, the days of splashy songs, bubbly hair-dos and bubble beards are no longer my terrority. They belong to him alone.


tips for independent bath time
Never did I imagine I’d miss the loud cries in my ear as I washed his hair and water splashed in his face, but oh I do ever. Never will I forget the feeling of bathing him for the first time, scared as a new mother is that he’d slip out of arms.
Rather than scrub his hair, my new role is to be a cheerleader for this new independence. So now, from the sidelines, I watch and try to coach him time safety, except he already knows so much. Our bubble bath routine has been as ingrained in him as it is on my heart.
He takes himself through the process, not missing a single step. It’s as though I’m whispering in his ear, rather than finding a reason to be close by in the hallway.
He turns on the water, remembering to keep the tap turned towards the cold side and slowly moving it towards the middle, but never beyond.
He gathers the few items, he’ll need for bath time. Each one chosen from a brand I trust because they are gentle and safe, for my family and the planet. 


kids bath time tips


A towel: A GOTS certified,  Caribbean Natural Organic Cotton Towel, free of pollutants, harsh dyes, and chemicals. This brand was created by a mother and a nurse who had difficulty finding high-quality, organic towels at reasonable prices. I could relate to that same dilemma until learning about Caribbean Natural.


Bubble bath: To get him clean with toxins, complications, or tears. We lean on EWG’s Skin Deep database or Think Dirty to choose one that’s free from the toxic ten ingredients.


A wash cloth: The hypo-allergenic Caribbean Natural Organic Wash Cloth, left by the edge of the tub, to wipe away the bubbles from face’s sensitive skin.

The final step, involves me. I come in and do a water check. Feeling very much like Goldilocks, I check the water is not too hot, not too cold, that it’s just right. And when I leave the room, in he goes.

bath time tips
Even with all this bath time independence, he’s still my little boy.
As though I’m in the room, he keeps up a running stream of conversation with me. Sometimes inviting me see if his bubble hair-do is cool.
Rather than remind him again, of the futility of speaking from room to room, I sit outside the door, talking to him. Because in a flash, the door will close on these moments, too.

How can you start preparing your child to make the transition to independent bath time?


Make bath time a loving ritual

Bring out the fluffy organic towels, use bubble bath that makes great bubbles, turn on some chill music. Use the time to be promote a sense of self-care and calmness in an otherwise hectic day. Be sure to follow up the bath with something nice…a story, a cuddle, and fresh pyjamas. These little processes add up to a memory that bathing is a feel good time.


Talk about the steps

From early on, talk to your child about the steps involved in taking a bath. You’ll provide them with important language experiences, like social conversation as well as build their everyday vocabulary.


Take your time 

Each child will be ready to transition to bathing independently at different times. Watch for chances to give your child responsibility for some of the bath time steps. Pouring in the bubbles, draining the tub, or choosing their towel. They’re all great ways to build confidence. 


And when it’s a bath time day that’s ended with you soaked, and the bathroom covered in water, try to take a deep breath. This time will go, and soon you’ll be hoping for an invitation to see that bubble beard once more.
bath time tips
Caribbean Natural is giving away an organic towel set (valued at $70) to one lucky family, ensuring bath time ends in the coziest way-wrapped in a fluffy, organic towel! Entering is easy below.
Disclosure: I have partnered with Electric Pizza Co and Caribbean Natural on this sponsored post. All opinions in the post are my own.


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