Leaning On A Legacy Of Faith From Elementary School

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I didn’t grow up attending church, and I only prayed when sleeping over at my grandmother’s. Religion or faith wasn’t something we often discussed.

Unlike me, my husband grew up attending Catholic school, and church with his family. I never really thought there were differences in our upbringing and education until my mother died from breast cancer.

Lessons for life

That’s when it became clear to me; he had graduated from school with more than a diploma. His Catholic education gave him something unique to share with myself and our two boys, a legacy rooted in morals, faith, and grit.

Because when confronted with my mom’s death, I couldn’t answer the tough questions my kids asked. The same ones that were holding me hostage in my grief. Questions like…

Why did she die so young?

Where was she now? Her body was in the cemetery, but where was SHE?

Did I still have a mom?

Perhaps if I’d had more experiences with religion, I’d have felt more equipped to answer those deep, soul-searching questions my boys (and myself) wanted the answers too. Instead, I leaned on my husband for help.

He answered every question we threw at him with confidence and compassion from which we all benefitted. His steady faith helped the kids to find theirs, and I begin to find comfort in the possibilities.

I think many of us wonder what will happen to us after death-isn’t it one of life’s biggest questions? But I feel like there would be so much comfort in spiritually knowing. Listening to my mom’s worries when she was dying, the questions she had frightened me, because they were my questions too. During this time, I wished I had more personal experience with faith, to help her and myself find more comfort in the afterwards.

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Wanting the best for our kids

As a mother, I’m always trying to do better for my boys. I’ve bought them organic mattresses, limited their screen time, made dedicated family time a priority, practiced mindfulness and more.

I’d do anything to secure my children’s well-being, and I’m so grateful that my husband’s Catholic school education gave him a legacy of faith that contributes to our boys’ emotional wellness.

The lessons from his Catholic teachers are serving our family well; our household has been enriched because of them.

I love that my boys are asking questions about religion-their own and other peoples. Its led to interesting discussions, and soul-searching for me. And I know because of these conversations, they’ll feel a comfort with faith, just like their dad, in a way I never experienced growing up.

There are many lessons children are given in Catholic school, they extend beyond faith, like grit and a growth mindset. Visit http://www.catholicteachers.ca/LessonsForLife for more information about the life lessons you can expect from Catholic Teachers.

Lessons for Life – Resilience in 3D from OECTA on Vimeo.

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