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We’ve been a fan of Suzi, green beauty blogger at Gurl Gone Green for a long time. She’s an organic hair stylist and mom of two sweet girls who spills her clean beauty secrets and favourite products. And if you’re podcast-obsessed like we are, she also hosts an amazing podcast all about wellness.  Suzi joined us to talk living well in motherhood, the best products for all hair types and shared a tutorial for how to make our top-knot’s look polished.

Suzi, we turn to you for green beauty advice but we want to know more. Tell us about yourself and the inspiration behind Gurl Gone Green.

Suzi: I’m a mama to two little girls.  My oldest is almost 3 and my youngest just turned 7 months.  I’m married to a creative guy-thank God!  He helps make all my crazy ideas a reality.  

I’ve loved beauty as long as I can remember. I would do my dolls hair, my hair and my sister’s hair. Beauty is in my blood! I love what a good makeover does for someone. So naturally when I transitioned from conventional beauty to green beauty I knew I had to share my discoveries with people. Thus, my blog Gurl Gone Green was birthed.

As a creative the blog keeps my mind always going. As a mom, it gives me an outlet.  Both are important for me.

What advice do you have for a someone who wants to begin their own beauty blog?

S: I would say just start with the products that you have. Don’t try and go out and buy all the makeup, skincare, etc.

Just be you and share your unique findings and what beauty is to you. If lipstick is your thing, then share all your faves. People are attracted to authenticity.

Your own journey to green living mirrors that of many of us. A sudden ‘aha-moment’, in your case, reading No More Dirty Looks. What changes have you found the most difficult? Which ones do you still want to make? 

S: The most difficult changes would have to be with clean living.

Sometimes it can seem overwhelmingly when you start to read all about EMF’s(electromagnetic fields), how our water even filtered isn’t that great, and how the air we breathe is horrible.

Realistically I can’t do everything. As much as we want to protect every aspect of our lives, we have to also give ourselves a break. It’s all about baby steps.

I don’t want to look back and have been so consumed with protecting myself that I didn’t enjoy my life.

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How has motherhood made you more mindful?

S: Totally! Mindful about so much. I’m more mindful of how I treat others, what I put in my body-just how I live my life in general. Little eyes are watching now, even at 2! My oldest the other day copied something I said and I realized how much influence I have on her. It’s a gift but also can be overwhelming at times.

As an organic hairstylist, you must’ve had all kinds of hair pass through your chair. What are your favourite green beauty products for:

S: Thin hair: Josh Rosebrook LIFT, gives your hair volume and texture that lasts and love his Hair Spray as well. Also, a good teasing brush.

Curly hair: I love Innersense Whipped Creme Texturizer- gives separation and hold without being crunchy

Fine/Thick hair: Josh Rosebrook LIFT Spray at Roots and Hair Spray. Primally Pure Dry Shampoo at roots for some body and texture.

Frizzy, thick hair that dries puffy( ←–asking for a friend): Hamadi Organics Shea Spray I love this for getting rid of frizz. Spray it on before blow drying and after. I also like Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control. Also great for putting in before blow drying and after for curl definition and frizz control.  

top knot tutorial with green beauty products

The top knot is an official hair style, which is awesome, because once upon a time, it was only for staying home. How can we make sure ours looks on point? Is there a product that helps? A technique? Please help.  

 S: Dry shampoo is your best friend here!  

  1. Sprinkle dry shampoo all throughout your hair to add some texture.  
  2. Then put your hair in a high ponytail.  
  3. Next backcomb/tease your ponytail all over until it’s huge.  
  4. Then take your comb or brush and smooth over the top part of your ponytail.  
  5. Take the entire ponytail and twist it clockwise until it’s all the way around. Then secure with a bobby pin.
  6. Once secure, pull out the sides and top for more volume and pin all around to fully secure it.
  7. Spray with hair spray and smooth over the top section of hair with a brush if frizzy

Now that we have our top knot in shape, do you have a beauty tip that is simple enough to do every day? 

S: Sprinkling your lashes with a little loose powder gives you bigger and bolder lashes. After I’ve applied the powder I then apply my mascara-it acts as a thickening agent giving your lashes a little boost!  Try it!

Green beauty makeup tutorial

As a green beauty blogger, you have the opportunity to test and experience a lot of products. We want to know which ones make your shopping list.

  1. Maya Chia The Super Couple Serum: It’s an amazing serum for day and night. Doesn’t leave an oily residue, is anti-aging and gives my skin a dewy glow look.
  2. RMS UN Cover UP: I’ve been using this foundation/concealer for 6 years.  I always have to have one on hand. It blends flawlessly into the skin and is so easy to apply. A must have product for every mom.
  3. Hynt Mascara: I love a good mascara and this one hits all the marks. Separation, volume and some drama.
  4. Innersense Organic Beauty Shampoos and Conditioners: I love how their shampoos and conditioners make my hair feel. Clean, yet not stripped. Especially great for color treated hair.
  5. Green Tidings Deodorant: Use this every day. Found this brand 2 years ago and it’s still my go to.  I smell fresh, it’s never irritated my underarms and it’s so clean.

Speaking of products…what is your criteria for deciding which products you will use?

S: It really comes down to ingredient quality and integrity. I’m constantly learning. My general rule of thumb is less is more. If I see a big long list with big words I tend to keep looking. Especially with skincare. Also, if I wouldn’t buy the product because of the price, then I don’t like to review it. I want to give people real options that they can afford!

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What does it mean to you to live well in motherhood? 

S: Living well in motherhood for me means including my daughters in everyday life including learning about where our food comes from by letting them help me in the kitchen and why we don’t use plastic for ourselves and the environment. I often think we try and separate things for kids because we think they won’t understand. But I think kids rise to the level we set for them. They are little sponges and soak up everything.  

P.S. Read how Meaghan Williamson of Row House Nest is living well in motherhood.

Living Well In Motherhood

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