Beautiful Baby Names

scandinavian baby names

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Now that December has arrived, we’re starting our holiday preparations. First up, baking our family’s Shortbread recipe. We’re also planning to explore a newly discovered greenspace where the kids can go scootering, there’s no snow here yet. Finally, I’m hoping to sneak out for a few hours to The One Of A Kind Show. What are you up to this weekend?

Beautiful Baby Names & More

This list of beautiful baby names, to further your love of all things Scandinavian. Which one would go to the top of your baby name list?

We love that being make-up free has really taken off! It kinda feels like the look we’re rocking at home may be on trend. Have you seen these photos from the new Pirelli calendar?

I just ordered Johnathon this sweater (can we just talk about the elbow patches?) and one of these for each of my boys. They are so soft (and organic). I’d love them both for myself.

Are advent calendars part of your family’s holiday traditions? This Acts Of Kindness calendar looks like a sweet, non-stuff way to get in the giving spirit.

This is how to survive the daily after school meltdowns.

I use four of these products all of the time. The ‘unpowder’ is my go-to makeup when I want something super simple. See who Detox Market chose for their Best of Canada 2016.

My kids have been coming home with their own lunchtime stresses, so this article really interests me. How do you feel about the state of school lunches?

It seems lots of us are feeling the effects of the darker days and nights of early winter. This article about natural tips for seasonal affective disorder is being read a ton. Personally, I need one of these in my life right about now.

Reading this was uncomfortable because it hit home. And this post explains why I’ve becoming more mindful about how and where I spend my time.

“My idea of the perfect Christmas? You & Me. Wine & Pizza. And Love Actually. On repeat.” Yes, please.

This is what’s boiling on my stoveup all holiday season long.