Simple Ways To Make Kids Feel Loved Daily

Simple ways to make kids feel loved daily

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When we think of loving our kids daily and how to do that, what comes to mind? Personally the phrase “loving kids” instantly makes me think of  being told something I should do or something I should buy. We are often told in order to love our kids we should put them in certain classes, send them to certain schools, and buy specially made toys and clothes. But I believe the best and easiest way to love our kids everyday doesn’t cost us anything.

As adults looking back on our childhood do we remember every article of clothing we owned and every single toy? My guess is no. There are a few special things I can remember owning but I mostly I remember the times I had. Times with friends, times with my brothers and sisters and times with my parents.

Giving our children our time is one of the best and easiest ways to show them love everyday.

Mothers are often multi-tasking. It simply comes with the territory. Cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, making phone calls, helping with homework, feeding. Typically I do as many things as I can at once as often as I can. But one of the best ways I can show love to my sons everyday is by giving them my uninterrupted time. Which means not multi-tasking and instead single tasking. Even as little as 15 minutes of uninterrupted time spent with children makes such a huge difference.

When we stop trying to do a million things at once and focus on doing one thing with our children at a time it sends them several very important messages. That they are important. That they are worth our time and worth  making time for. That it’s ok to stop working on everything else and make time for the people you love. That we don’t have to always be busy.

These are some free, fun, and easy ideas for things you can do with your children during your uninterrupted time even if you only have 15 minutes:

  • Have a dance party. There’s nothing a good dance party can’t cure. Play 2-3 of your favourite songs and dance around with your child in the kitchen or living room. It will make both of you happier.
  • Go outside. Take a short walk, use some chalk, bounce a ball. Jump in some puddles if it’s rainy or blow some bubbles. Leave your phone at home. My toddler loves going outside and it’s a good thing for me too when I get overwhelmed by everything I need to do.
  • Read books. Another favourite of ours. reading requires you to use all your focus and attention. And its a perfect excuse for snuggling.

In this new age of technology and consumerism we as mothers are faced with a new challenge in loving our kids. We are given more options of what to offer our kids but are often left with less of ourselves and time to give them. We don’t have to break the bank or plan elaborate outings or own certain things to show our kids we love them.

All we need to do is show up for them everyday, and make time at least once a day that is just for them and nothing else.



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