Meet Catherine: Yoga Teacher, Healer & Coach

Catherine Cowan

This month, I’m excited to welcome Catherine Cowan of The Holistic Way as our guest contributor. She’s a yoga teacher, healer, and coach. I’ve been getting to know Catherine for several months through her work and draw inspiration from her commitment to nourish herself and her family through moments of mindfulness amidst life as a mom of 3. In response to all the holiday chaos and consumption, at Green Moms Collective we’ll spend December exploring how to live life more mindfully and Catherine is the person we want to help us on our path. We’ll focus on buying less and buying better, and how to connect with ourselves and our families. In the meantime, get to know more about Catherine in this interview and watch for her post later this month!

Coffee, Water, or Green Smoothie? How do you start your day?

I start every morning with water! This has been my choice for the past decade or so. It used to be lemon water and for the past 3 years it’s been 3 cups of warm water. After my second baby was born, I had some health issues and my Chinese doctor suggested this gentle internal cleanse as way to start my day and I’m hooked!

When did you become interested in green living?

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved and known I feel my best leading an active lifestyle. I’ve never been a competitive person so as a child this love was satisfied mostly through dance, swimming and skiing. As an adult, I maintain my passion of being active through my love of Yoga, walking, skiing/snowboarding, and playing with my 3 littles.

Living a green lifestyle has been on my radar since I was a child in grade school and I learned about acid rain (what ever happened to that?) and the 3 Rs. I do my best each day to be mindful of my impact on the environment and teach my kids the same. Some days are better than others, but being green is definitely something at the top of my list of values.

Share your best green living hack.

My best green living hacks are:

  • being mindfulness of the thermostat (it goes down every evening and stays that way until the slippers and extra sweater aren’t enough, and we rarely use AC during the summer months)
  • turning lights off when not needed
  • using the washing machine/dryer and dishwasher during off peak times

Perhaps my biggest active living hack is having a dog – I joke that she makes for the cheapest gym membership! Dog walks are an every day happening. She gets my kiddos and me (hubby on the weekends) walking outside every day no matter if there’s rain (sleet, snow) or shine. I love how something as simple as a walk and some fresh air can bring so much happiness to our spirits and prove to be so connecting for my family. It’s also amazing at helping us all cherish and have a greater appreciation for the beauty of each season.

Do you have a favourite eco-product?

I have had a serious love affair with Pure + Simple’s facial products since I first discovered them in 2003. And since motherhood, my favourite eco-product is the “BunchaFarmers” stain remover/laundry stick. Hands down it is the best (I’ve experienced) at removing stubborn baby poop stains, grease, wine, all toddler food stains, and any other stain you need removed!

What’s one area in your life that you’d like to make more eco-friendly?

I’d like to bring more consciousness into the clothes I buy, and I’m very pleased it’s getting easier and more accessible now to make this happen!

Tell us what makes you weird/awesome.

I don’t know if these first couple things make me weird or awesome but…
1) I absolutely love cheese and bread but can’t eat either due to my dairy and gluten sensitivity!
2) I have a particular dislike for many rules in life and tend to avoid them as much as I can (while maintaining safety and respect for others) – my husband calls me “the original rebel”.

All said, the main thing that makes me awesome is my strong intuitive ability. It plays a big part in who I am and creates the depth and richness I share with my work as a Yoga teacher, Healer and Life Coach. My intuition also gives me the fun ability to sense when women are pregnant!

Why are you excited to be a guest contributor to Green Moms Collective?

I feel absolutely honoured to have been asked to be this month’s contributor. As someone who is mindful of living a conscious lifestyle, I LOVE what Sara has created with the Green Moms Collective. Leaving a healthy world for our littles to live in and empowering them with tools to keep that going, feels like an important part of being a parent. It’s the little things that can make a difference and Sara does an incredible job of bringing this to light and making it feel attainable.

Tell us about yourself, and your work.

I have had a lifelong desire to help people feel their best. Being a sensitive, heartfelt, intuitive person didn’t always feel like the easy path as I grew up but these gifts are what brought me to create The Holistic Way in 2002. The Holistic Way was founded on my Yoga and Reiki Healing business and has grown to include Life Coaching and yoga/mindfulness/coaching programs for kids. Working with moms is likely my personal favourite!

I absolutely LOVE what I do! I’m driven each day by a strong desire to help people connect to and unleash the light and magic within their hearts, to love who they are, and feel great shining brightly in all they are and want to be. This world needs us all to connect with and shine our brightness. I greatly credit my motherhood journey (the challenges, joys, re-identification of my identity, magical moments, and little guru teachings) with allowing me to more deeply connect to my own inner light and, as a result, I am now more confidently sharing my brilliance giving me an even bigger desire to help people to do the same!