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I’m so excited to kick-off a new series on Green Moms Collective, The O’Canada Natural Beauty Makers, by featuring one of my long-time favourite Canadian beauty brands, Cocoon Apothecary. This series celebrates the amazing green beauty options we have in Canada! 

I asked Jessica Burman, the founder of Cocoon Apothecary, to spill the details about her products, including her number one beauty tip. I’ve mentioned before how I credit her Petal Purity Exfoliating Facial Cleanser with feeling confident going without makeup and looking at Jessica’s gorgeous skin, I’ll be taking notes.

Meet Jessica in the video and read our quick interview to learn about her best-sellers, the product she thinks more people should try, and the products that keep her customers coming back for more. 

What is your best seller?

Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream

What’s the underdog product you really love and think more people should know about?

Ancient Mud Facial Mask. It’s only four ingredients; Dead Sea mud, glacial clay, rose and neroli. It basically gives you a new face by deeply detoxing your pores of excess sebum and pollutants. It also provides intense exfoliation and nourishes with antioxidant minerals and micro algae.

Which item do you find people start with and then come back for more?

We introduce our line with a Skin Care Starter Kit, which has our lavender geranium cream cleanser, Petal Purity, our rose hydrosol toner, Rose Dew, and our beloved rose facial cream, Rosey Cheeks. It takes about three weeks to use it all, enough time to see if it’s a good choice for your skin. Everyone comes back for the full size. It is perfect for dry, normal, mature and sensitive skin types.

What’s ONE thing you want us to know about your business?

We are one of the best skin care lines to introduce people to green beauty because our formulas have the same professional textures and feel of a department store line but are made with non-toxic plant-based ingredients. Sometimes people are put off by overly greasy products or earthy scents. We want it to be effortless to make the switch to safe skin care.

Have you tried Cocoon Apothecary yet? Tell me your favourite product. Plus, going au naturel with confidence .

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  • sarah says:

    I haven’t tried these products before, but I do like a natural product and believe that skincare is important.