10 Tips For A Mindful Home

mindful home tips

You’ve all heard about being mindful and mindful living, but what about in your own home? Mindfulness is the practice of improving your life through careful consideration to assure you are living your life to the greatest potential.

Our lives start in the home from the moment you open your eyes to the first step out of bed, here are 10 tips to get started on creating a mindful home.

Mindful home: Take it one step at a time

Start early

Wake up with the sun and start your day bright and early. Starting your day early will add more time to your day, give you time to take it slow, and start your morning on a peaceful note.

Make your bed

Not only does making your bed make your whole room feel cleaner, it also starts your day on a positive note. Plus, you’ve achieved something far more productive than a made bed, you’ve gotten out of it! Making your bed also forces you to take it slow and offers a sanctuary when you’re ready for bed at night. 


A little meditation during the day will help clear some of the mental clutter you experience. You will clear your mind, feel less anxious throughout the day, and take a little stress off of your plate. You will be more productive during the day as well.

Keep your hampers empty

Do your laundry without any complaints, and make it your goal to have a personal encounter with each fabric in the hamper today. You’ll be shocked how great you feel after all your laundry is clean.

mindful home tips

Do the dishes

Clean up your messy kitchen right now. After a long day, you’ll be grateful to have an empty kitchen sink, clean counters, and you might feel more motivated to cook at home tonight.

Set a timer to keep you motivated

Stay focused on one task at a time by setting a timer and working on that task until the timer is done. You’ll focus more on the task, and you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Do some work outdoors

If you have a yard to maintain, it’s time to get outside! Rake, weed, garden, or whatever else your yard is calling you to do. You may never stay completely on top of it, but the repetition and fresh air will create a sense of calm. Don’t focus on getting the task done, but the journey there.

Eat when you feel hungry

We are all guilty of eating for the sake of eating. Even worse, we are guilty of eating when we aren’t even hungry! Mindful eating is focusing on feeding the body by eating only when you are truly hungry and stopping when you are full.

Wind down when it gets dark

Lights from electronics will keep you up at night, so set a time to turn off all your devices. Discover the natural daylight and darkness within the world, and know that rest is near.

Sleep when you are tired

Don’t try to push yourself to stay awake when you feel tired. If you feel tired, take a nap during the day. If you are ready for bed at 7pm, then go to bed early tonight. Don’t fight your body’s messages that it’s ready for bed.

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