Two Colour Tips For A Minimalist Kids Wardrobe

minimalist wardrobe for kids

If you feel like laundry is taking over your life, simplifying by switching to minimalist wardrobe for your kids may be a solution.

While having an assortment of colours, styles and patterns for your kids’ clothes might create a nice variation, all the choices can add up to more loads of laundry and oftentimes, a lot more stress.

The Benefits Of Switching To A Minimalist Wardrobe For Kids

Minimalist wardrobes are popular for women, but perhaps you’ve give some thought to putting a minimalist wardrobe for kids into practice. Consider why owning fewer clothes may be a good choice for your kids (and you):

  • your children can get dressed independently without getting overwhelmed at the options
  • you will know that anything your child chooses to wear will match
  • you won’t have guilty feelings about clothes that didn’t get worn
  • you will have less laundry to sort
  • you can spend your money on buying eco-friendly clothing for your kids

How To Build A Minimalist Children’s Wardrobe

A new season is the perfect time to give your child’s wardrobe an overhaul, since you are likely already checking sizing and which clothes to keep for the change in weather.

The first step is to minimize your child’s wardrobe. I recommend using the below handy closet-minimizing tool for deciding what should stay or go and reading these two tips for sorting and minimizing your child’s clothes.

Closet Minimizing Tool for Kids

No matter how you decide to go about creating a minimal kids wardrobe, be sure to involve your child and keep their favourite items in mind.

Some people may give you lists of the number of clothes you need for a minimalist wardrobe but rather than a number, there are a few tricks you can follow that will help you get the most out of your child’s minimalist wardrobe.

Build a base with neutrals

When choosing a colour scheme for your child’s minimalist wardrobe, be sure to select a base colour that your child likes because, as we all know, kids won’t wear things they don’t like.

I like to look for neutral colours for the base, think grey, navy, white, brown and oatmeal. They can easily be shared amongst siblings as they are gender neutral which extends the life of your children’s clothes.

Choose a cohesive colour scheme

Working within a cohesive color scheme when building a minimalist children’s wardrobe has numerous advantages.

First, of course, there is less laundry to do, which is always a perk! But it also means more money in your wallet because you don’t need to buy as many items.

A cohesive colour scheme puts an end to buying a shirt that only goes with one skirt or one pair of pants.

By keeping your child’s minimalist wardrobe within a cohesive colour scheme, life becomes much easier for everyone. There is no need to worry about whether or not items match because everything works together.

You can always add a few prints within your colour scheme to for a little texture and variation.

A few more benefits of following a cohesive colour scheme for your child’s minimalist wardrobe:

  • if they have a spill or get dirty, they don’t have to change their entire outfit, just one piece since everything goes together.
  • if all your child’s socks are the same, they will not only match every outfit, your child will no longer need to continually search for a matching pair.

kids minimalist wardrobe tips

If you are just starting out with switching to a minimalist wardrobe for your child, it’s easiest and the most budget-friendly to look at the colours and neutrals that are already in your child’s wardrobe and then adding on. For example, if your child has mostly navy and denim-blue use these are your base colour. And if they have lots of yellow, greens, and oranges use these for your colour scheme.

Read this in-depth article for great tips on picking a colour palette.

Do you have any tips for building a minimalist wardrobe for kids?

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