Minimize Your Makeup Bag With Multipurpose Beauty Products

green beauty multipurpose stick

The arrival of warmer weather begs for a simpler, lighter and softer makeup application which is easier on our skin, easier on our pockets and easier to do. Winter can make many of us want to put on more of everything – a heavier cream because we feel dry and more makeup because we look pale or sallow. Spring is a good time to shed the layers of heavy skincare and makeup and allow our skin to breathe.

Lighten Up Your Base

One way to achieve this is by using fewer makeup products. Once you get a bit of the sun’s glow, it can be possible to stop using a foundation and switch to a tinted moisturizer with SPF or a Beauty Balm (BB) cream with SPF.

Using a makeup base product with SPF gives added protection from the sun and can eliminate the use of an additional sunscreen, as long as you’re not off to the beach to sunbathe for the day.

BB creams don’t need to be powdered as they’re meant to do the job of several products and give you a finished dewy look. However, if you’re oily and don’t want to give up your powder completely, you can replace it for the summer and cut back on shine by blotting with rice paper blotting tissues since powdering throughout the day can leave you looking heavy and cakey.

How To Use Multipurpose Makeup For Your Eyes, Lips And Cheeks

My favourite way to cut back on makeup products and the time it takes to apply them is by using one product on eyes, lips and cheeks.  Multi-purpose products – lip and cheek pencils, balms and multi-use sticks – have taken makeup aisles by storm, so there are many options available including many from green beauty brands.

One colour on eyes, lips and cheeks creates a pretty tone-on-tone (or monochromatic) makeup look that can be very soft and romantic – shades of pink, peach and berry work best, but you should start by choosing a shade that you would wear on your lips. If you don’t like it on your lips, chances are you won’t like it on your cheeks and lids either.

Multi-purpose products are easy to apply, so you don’t need to be makeup savvy in order to get some colour on your lips and cheeks before stepping out the door. These little pots, sticks and pencils can easily live in your purse for quick touch-ups.

multi-purpose beauty products

Bite Beauty shades from the top: Papaya, Cashew and Biscotti

Before shopping for a multi-purpose product, stop to think about the type of application that would best work for you. Lip and cheek pencils can be applied by simply adding the colour to your cheeks straight from the pencil and rubbing it in. For the lips, the pencil can be applied as you would a lipstick.

If you don’t mind dipping your hands in product, lip and cheek balms in a pot can be a good option. For these, you’d simply rub your finger in the product to warm it up and apply to your cheeks and lips.

multipurpose makeup tips

Maria Velve wearing Dalish lip and cheek balm in B01

Some multi-use sticks that are made for eyes, lips and cheeks tend to be a bit wider (depending on the brand), so even though you could apply them to your lips directly from the tube, you might need a bit more precision for your eyelids. Always use your ring finger (it offers the gentlest pressure) and spread the colour over your entire eyelid for a soft flush of colour. Finish off this look with a coat or two of your favourite mascara.

No matter how minimalist you are when it comes to makeup, warmer weather looks better with a bit of colour. Multi-use products can quickly add a healthy flush to cheeks and lips without compromising the health of your skin, spending more money or adding extra steps to your makeup routine. By doing a little research before buying, you’ll definitely find a product that you’ll love and use through the summer.