9 Natural Beauty Founders Share Their Beauty Tips

green beauty tips for your skin

I’m always so curious about the skincare and haircare secrets from the people who make the beauty products that line my shelves.

They’re obviously savvy to beauty tips from their years of experience and expertise and in my quest for healthy skin, I want to know what they know!

So, I asked nine founders of Canadian beauty brands if they’d share their best natural beauty tips and they did!

Not surprisingly, the advice was simple, practical, and some even included using real ingredients you already have in your home!

Beauty Tip from Jessica Burman, Cocoon Apothecary

natural beauty tips from beauty founders

There are a lot of people dealing with acne well past the regular teenage years. If your skin is sensitive to this, make sure that you keep it free from bacteria. This means not touching your face, not letting someone touch your face and not letting things like phones touch your face.

Do not use products with mineral oils and silicones, which is very typical in a foundation. This easily traps bacteria and excess oils into the pores and will create congestion. If you must cover up, look for a lightweight version that uses plant oils rather than petroleum.

Beauty tip from Lisa Cain, KIN Organics

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To give double-duty to your Gentle Cleansing Milk, just add a bit of raw brown sugar to one pump of cleanser to create a luxurious exfoliant. Combine to create a paste and massage gently in upward circular motions to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation, making your skin smooth and radiant.

Leave on for a few minutes to allow the glycolic acid in the sugar to activate as an enzymatic exfoliant, then rinse with warm water and follow up with the Revitalizing Facial Serum on damp skin.

Beauty tip from Ella Nunes, formerly of Ella’s Botanicals

nine green beauty tips

Less is more! You don’t need a zillion products- it’s costly and hurts our planet. Keep it simple and narrow it down to a few multitaskers!

Beauty tip from Jean Eng, Pure + Simple

My routine imitates nature to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy and looking fresh.

  1. Cleanse with a gentle milk
  2. Apply a serum to plump up my skin cells
  3. Apply a face oil to cushion my skin cells and reduce dehydration
  4. Apply a moisturizer to protect my skin and slow down moisture loss

Beauty tip from Julie Clark, Province Apothecary

nine green beauty tips

Tell your skin you love it! Daily affirmations are a great way to improve your skin. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful and that you love your skin!

Beauty tip from Stacey Davis, LOVEFRESH

natural hair tips

When you’re feeling like your hair needs a little pick-me-up, especially if it’s been exposed to a lot of heat styling, try washing your hair with beer!

We know it sounds a little crazy (and maybe like a waste of a good drink) but you’ll be amazed at the results! The alcohol acts as a cleansing agent while the barley and hops moisturize! Beer is surprisingly rich in nutrients and B vitamins, which are hard to find in traditional hair products.

For best results, apply about one bottle from root to tip in the shower. Let it sit for 3-4 minutes then wash it out with cold water.

We suggest using an organic beer, or something local. We love Toronto’s Mill Street Original Organic Lager!

Follow up with a good ‘ole vinegar rinse! This will leave your hair shiny and help get rid of the built-up residue from styling products. (If you want to make it smell great, add your favourite essential oil – we love Lavender and Tea Tree!) Just pour the mixture all over your head and rinse – Voila!

Beauty tip from Graydon, Graydon Skincare

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I have a hard time drinking as much water as I’m supposed to. I try to make this up by eating a lot of soup, smoothies, and stews which help boost hydration and pack an extra serving of veggies in to my diet.

Beauty tip from Anna Tubina, ZAYA eco skincare

natural eye care tips

Beauty Tip One: To avoid having dry and flaky skin under your make-up, add a couple of drops of ZAYA Eye oil into your liquid foundation of BB cream. Mix them at the bottom of your palm and apply as always. Your skin will stay protected, nurtured and moisturized all day long!

Beauty Tip Two: Keep your make-up removal process toxin-free. No only ZAYA Eye oil does miracles revitalizing and refreshing your eye area, but also gently and effectively removes the make-up from your eyes and face. Take a damp cotton disk, pump out a couple of drops of ZAYA Eye oil and remove your make-up from your eye lashes, eye lids and your face. Remember not to stretch delicate area around your eyes to avoid fine lines formation.

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Beauty tip from Bonnie, L’Moor

To keep heels from cracking make sure to dry your feet thoroughly especially in between toes after bathing. Use a foot paddle on rough heels for 1 minute a day and apply a good quality moisturizer.

Aren’t these tips so great? Which one do you want to try to include into your beauty routine.

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