Hydrate Your Skin With These Natural Beauty Brands

beauty products to hydrate your skin

I can go days without wearing makeup but don’t ever try to make me part from the products that hydrate my skin, especially now that fall has officially made its arrival known.

Many of us can count the moisturizing ritual as part of our morning and evening beauty routines, making it rate in the top daily five of personal care products.

That’s why it’s important that these items which are used so frequently and penetrate our skin are doing our bodies good rather than harm. Avoiding these ten ingredients is a preventative measure for your overall health and helps you hydrate your skin, naturally.

natural products to hydrate your skin

9 Canadian Products To Nurture Your Skin

Hydrate your skin with these eight natural beauty products that you can count on:

  1. Face Food | Graydon Once you try Graydon’s Hero product, you’ll wonder how your skin ever lived without this mineral mist.
  2. Oh, Baby! Lotion | Ella’s Botanicals Use this gentle lotion with your baby or for an all-over lotion for you.
  3. Pure Skin Face Oil | Pure + Simple A facial oil is the final step in my cold weather beauty routine. If you are new to facial oils, learn how to layer your beauty products for maximum hydration.
  4. Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream | Cocoon Apothecary Don’t be surprised if your beloved inhales your skin after applying Cocoon Apothecary’s EWG-verified moisturizer. Perfect as an every day rich yet not greasy cream to keep mature skin looking gorgeous.
  5. Revitalizing Facial Serum | KIN Organics Serums contain active ingredients to add extra nourishment to the skin and KIN Organics serum contains Helichrysum, an ingredient which I’m currently obsessed with for its soothing property.
  6. Beautiful Skin Face Cream | Pure + Simple Sensitive to scent? This super gentle moisturizer is the one for you and only a small amount is needed to hydrate your whole face!
  7. Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum | Province Apothecary This Toronto-made serum is jam-packed with oils for all skin types, can be used day or night and even comes in an unscented option!
  8. Foot Cream | L’Moor A natural foot cream that will keep hard-working tootsies feeling soft and callous free.

Have you tried any of these Canadian beauty brands?