Natural Foot Care Is A Family Affair

natural foot care tips

Do you include natural foot care as part of your daily beauty routine? What about your children’s personal care routines?

Our poor feet are one of the most hardworking parts of our bodies yet we rarely take good care of them. Just peek at all the footwear (hello there, heels, sandals, and skates) in your home and you’ll know I speak the truth.

Between pedicures, my feet are mostly ignored except for the occasional slathering of cream when I can hear my heels rake across the bed sheets.

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Treating your feet better isn’t difficult, here are is a simple routine to get started:

Start A Natural Foot Care Routine

Step One: Sanitize

When bathing, thoroughly clean feet and between toes. Check over your feet before bed during your nighttime bathroom routine (or your child’s) looking for any signs of foot damage.

In between shower days, spray your feet with a foot sanitizer to reduce odour and protect against bacteria. It’s especially important to use a natural product on your feet because the ingredients can be absorbed through tiny cuts.

L’Moor’s Sanitizing Spray use essential oils with antifungal and antibacterial properties without further drying the skin. This spray feels super refreshing after a busy day running outdoors with your kids or at work. 

Choose your footcare wisely. Streets aren’t clean and your feet can sustain small cuts or abrasions. And because your feet are literally more open, it’s easier to contract germs like Staphylococcus aureus (which can cause skin sores or worse) or E. Coli! Small cuts and germs can lead to serious infections! ~Dr. Maya Pande

Step Two: Nail Care

Our nails are under quite literally under a lot of pressure, which is why proper shoe size is an important component of foot health. Pressure from ill-fitting shoes can hurt your nail bed, leading to fungus growth.

You may realize your shoes are too tight but children may not always speak up. Since their feet are fast growing, check in regularly by feeling their feet while wearing shoes to determine if they are still well-suited. Always bring your child to the shoe store to get fitting help from the expert.

As part of your foot care routine, use a drop or two of nail treatment oil on your nails for anti-fungal prevention.

Step Three: Moisturize

Choose a cream that is free from toxic ingredients, like petrochemicals, for healthy feet. A good habit to begin is to moisturize your feet before bed, so your feet can rest and reap the benefit of time to heal.

To keep heels from cracking make sure to dry your feet thoroughly especially in between toes after bathing. Use a foot paddle on rough heels for 1 minute a day and apply a good quality moisturizer. ~Bonnie Annis, L’Moor

3 steps to natural foot care for your family

What tip will you start with to make your family’s foot health a priority?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by L’Moor. I’ve used these products myself and include them as part of my family’s foot care. All opinions are my own.