A Natural Teething Remedy For Babies That Works

camilla teething baby natural remedies

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Every time I chat with a mom who’s in the midst of the teething pains of parenting, I never fail to ask, “Have you tried Camilia?”

How could I not share about this natural remedy for teething?

These little single-dose tubes of homeopathic teething medicine played a major role in our own experience of the teething years. I was so thankful to have been given the suggestion myself, that I can’t help but to share this natural remedy for teething pain.

Adjusting to the new rhythms in the early days of parenting is no easy feat. Hormones changing. Sleep fleeting. Needs great.

A screaming, drooling, teething child in pain can bring even the well-rested to our knees.

That’s exactly what almost happened to me during my daughter’s first summer when my husband and I were invited to two weddings on the same weekend.

teething baby remedy natural tips

Being that both of the weddings were for significant and life-long friends, we decided that my husband would go to his good friend’s wedding in one part of our province, while I would travel to the other wedding solo.

Or rather, solo-parenting.

Since you can’t just will your husband to start producing milk, and my breastfed only baby wasn’t ready for sleepovers at the grandparents, she became my plus one. While parenting solo usually  wasn’t a problem, this time I was worried.

My wee babe had recently begun teething, and we were learning how we could best naturally soothe our growing girl.

With the wedding quickly approaching, I felt a great need to quickly build up an emergency teething kit and pull out all the stops to ensure my solo-parenting trip would go well. I wanted to do anything I could to keep my teething baby happy, preserve my sanity, and enjoy the celebrations with the good friends I rarely saw.

The Natural Remedy For Teething I Can Count On

The very first item I stocked up on were Camilia teething tubes. Based off the multiple recommendations I received from the other mamas that populate our small and “crunchy” Gulf Island, these single-dose packs of homeopathic teething medicine by Boiron were like gold for our family.

Whether it was the simple action of sucking the liquid medicine out of the ready-to-use tube, or if the Camilia just started working that quickly, these little homeopathic tubes were an instant life-saver for our teething baby.

Teething baby remedies

Just in case, everything went sideways, I wanted as many natural teething remedies as possible, so along with the Camilia, I picked up an amber teething necklace, packed the teething toys, and added in some children’s pain & fever medication (in case the natural teething remedies didn’t work).

With a range of teething solutions in hand, I felt prepared for my solo-parenting wedding weekend with a teething infant.

A teething remedy that is easy to use while travelling

On the day of the wedding, the Camilia worked like a charm. I couldn’t have imagined a smoother day with my teething little one. In our teething emergency kit, Camilia was the only teething tool that I needed to use.

I was thrilled to be able to enjoy the wedding with my smiling, teething baby, wishing our friends well on their special day.

My babe even went to sleep with perfect timing so I could enjoy eating dinner without trying to hold a squirming, grabbing baby on my lap. For those of you who have experienced this joy, you know exactly how exciting that is. I felt thankful for the moms who had introduced me to the Camilia.

So this is why, when I see you with your upset little teething one, working on those troublesome but necessary teeth, I will always ask, “Have you tried Camilia?”  

Parenting is hard work and we all deserve to be given suggestions that just might make our days and nights a little bit easier.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Boiron Canada and is part of a series of several campaigns in partnership with Boiron throughout the year. As always, experiences and opinions are our own.