Natural Skincare Products I’m Loving. {Vol. 2}

5 green beauty summer products

Summer time brings out the minimalist in me when in comes to skincare. More than usual, I want simplicity and find myself reaching for the same few products over and over again. Here are the ones that made my summer essentials list:

5 Natural Beauty Products For Summer

1. I love just a hint of colour on my lips-too much and I don’t feel like myself but a swipe of the right colour makes me bloom! I’m loving the new Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s lip quenches. You can layer on more for just the right amount of colour for you -right now I’m reaching for the Hibiscus Pink for the day and Poppy Red for date night. These lippies are made with organic avocado, coconut oil, and beeswax. The little pots are biodegradable, too!

organic lip gloss

2. Current favourite wake-me-up is Wildcraft Care’s Buff Face and Body Scrub. I’ve been loving the refreshing tingle of spearmint and peppermint oils in an exfoliating scrub made with rhassoul clay-only a small amount is needed. It makes my skin feel alive! Plus, it’s very cooling after a day spent in the sun. If you have any signs of a sunburn, wait until that tender skin heals before exfoliating!

natural exfoliant

3. My current bedtime beauty treatment…two-three drops of Cocoon Apothecary for Causemetics, Today Serum, after cleansing. Full of active ingredient goodness like certified organic rosehip CO2, hydrating, and it smells divine. Plus every single bottle gives $10 to help women with breast cancer pay their bills!

natural beauty serum

4. My new summer obsession is After Sunny Aloe Vera spray. I picked it up from Skin To Skin Goods and have been keeping it in the fridge so it’s chilled and gives an amazing refresh to my face (and any other sun-exposed skin) after being outdoors. My kids prefer it over Aloe from a plant because it’s not ‘gushy’. So do I.

summer natural beauty products aloe vera spray

5. Lovefresh’s new Sport and Sun Stick SPF30 fits in my purse and keeps me (and my kids) from ever being without sun protection. It’s the only sunscreen that my hubby brings to work and actually remembers to reapply.

green beauty products for summer

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