On Personalized Shopping With Logan & Finley

logan and finley personalized shopping

Other than the distinct stylings of  certain upcycled clothing, sustainable fashion brings to my mind the basics, pants and shirts in white, black, and earthy tones. And while these wardrobe staples are available, when I recently tagged along on a personalized shopping session with our contributor, Emma Rohmann, the carefully curated choices at Logan & Finley challenged my notion of sustainable clothing. There are so many gorgeous prints and vibrant colours and there are plenty of stylish pieces to choose amongst.

After a quick lifestyle chat, Julie got started.  As she pulled items off the rack, her ever-present practicality was apparent.

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logan and finley shopping

The items she chose for Emma were all able to be worn for at least 3 seasons, they could be mixed and matched, and transition from work to after school. Everything was wash and wear.

The hour long personalized shopping session felt comfortable and easy, like shopping with a chic friend who won’t shy away from telling you (in a kind way) if something doesn’t work.

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Amongst the fun chatter, Julie was dropping style tips faster than we could collect them. She casually twisted up a scarf like her skill was ‘no big deal’, pushed up jacket sleeves, talked to us about how to look fun but professional with different lengths and even tied up a sweater around Emma’s waist that transformed a weekend look into office attire.

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logan and finley shopping experience

Julie has a way of casually encouraging you to try something on with a simple, “Let’s just see…” while really she’s purposefully nudging you into the pieces she’s already envisioned for you. She knows what she’s doing. Left to shopping on our own, Emma and I would never have put together the outfits Julie created with ease. As previously suspected, she really is a sustainable shopping maven.

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As I watched Emma lay out her selections, it was clear to me that the most difficult part of the whole shopping experience was deciding which pieces to take home but Julie diffused any pressure. She told us that many of her customers, start off with a few key items and build upon them season after season. The clothing at Logan & Finley is far from fast fashion, the pieces will last year over year, so that when you add a skirt to your jacket or t-shirt, they’ll still look like a fresh match.

Eco friendly clothing at Logan and Finley in Toronto

Of course afterwards, Emma and I chatted about how the experience, and here’s what she had to say, “Julie was so great to work with! She took the time to understand what’s important to me and what my needs were. It was no easy task since I work with family and corporate clients through my green living business, Green at Home; host networking events with Mamas & Co.; and have 2 kids to add to the mix. She found me pieces that could be worn multiple ways that fit with my style. She gave me style tips along the way, and honest opinions about what worked and what didn’t. The piece I love the most is one I never would have picked off the rack myself! I will be back for sure!”

Over the next few months, I’ll be exploring sustainable style and products that are built to last with Julie from Logan & Finley as she invites us into her store and shares her tips. In the meantime, follow Logan & Finley on Instagram for a regular peek into what’s new in slow fashion.