5 Postpartum Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas For Postpartum


Healthy postpartum snacks can help keep you satisfied and energized in the first few weeks after your baby arrives.

Making sure that you are eating and drinking can be a full-time job as the number of calories you are using to feed your baby (and feeding often) can be substantial! It can be hard to get in full meals at normal meal times, so make sure you have lots of healthy energy-boosting snacks on hand.

Postpartum Healthy Snack Ideas

Tasty Water

You need to drink lots of fluids, but so much plain water can be tedious. Try adding frozen or fresh fruit to a pitcher of water. Lemons and blueberries are my favourite! Watermelon, cucumber, mint and strawberries infused-water recipes are also easy!

Leave overnight in the fridge for the best taste. Have several varieties of infused water on hand to mix it up during the day! You can even reuse the fruit a few times.


Eggs are good sources of protein and more! Devilled eggs are a great snack to have on hand (or ask someone to make for you). Eggs.ca has a great basic recipe that you can size down.

Or hard boil the eggs to have on hand to eat as they are. They can be sliced over a salad or smashed with lemons and mayonnaise on toast.

Healthy postpartum snack ideas

Trail Mix

Make your own mix or grab a pre-made mixture from your favourite store. Nuts have protein and fats that are great for all (except those with nut allergies). Add your favourite dried fruit and chocolate to kick it up a notch!

Lactation Cookies

Another great treat for someone to drop off for you! Ask for a double or triple batch of lactation cookies and keep them in the freezer! Oatmeal has been a traditional breast milk supply increaser for many generations (try these two-ingredient oatmeal cookies).

Fruit and Vegetable Tray

Make your own tray of raw fruits and vegetables. Cut up at once or ask for someone to prepare it for you. Having these items handy and ready to go will make it easy for you to throw them in your mouth.

Set Up A Healthy Snacks Station

Set-up a healthy postpartum snacking station where you spend most of your time feeding!

You can also order packaged snacks via the internet in the comfort of your own home. NatureBox lets you pick from an array of snack choices that arrive on your doorstep monthly or on whatever schedule you’d like.

Before baby comes along, make a list of your favourite healthy snacks ideas.

When people ask what they can do for you or what you would like for a gift, send them the list of postpartum snacks! If they are asking to visit, send them the list of your healthy snack ideas!

Don’t feel bad asking for food or help, healthy snacks are one of the best gifts they can bring to you during your postpartum period.


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    I wish I had this list when I was breastfeeding, Laurie! I would have shared it with anyone who came over 🙂