Prepare Your Bedroom For A Better Sleep

Prepare Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

Get ready to perform a quick bedroom audit in part two of our Naturopath’s Guide To Better Sleep Hygiene. Head to your bedroom to consider how light, noise, and sacredness could be interfering in your sleep. Take note of any changes you need to make your bedroom a place where you’ll have a restful sleep.

Evaluate Your Light levels

Is there a night light in your bedroom? Do you live on a busy street with cars, street lights, and store lights? What colour is the light of your digital alarm clock?

The bedroom should be as dark as possible. When you are ready for bed, eliminate as many light sources as you can. That could mean getting blackout blinds, getting rid of night-lights, and covering or turning off electronics with standby lights.

Melatonin can be suppressed by blue light, so if your alarm clock digits are blue, consider getting an analog clock that offers no light at all, or switching to one with red digits and covering it at night.

Listen For Noise Levels

Is there a busy street under your window? Is someone watching TV loudly?

Before modern times, darkness also brought with it some quiet. A quiet environment means that there is less stimulation to the brain, allowing it actually wind down and give into the drowsiness. Maybe you need to institute quiet hours at home to manage noise or update your windows for better sound insulation. You don’t need utter silence – the night is not silent even in the wild, so a low level of ambient noise is perfectly fine.

How to organize your bedroom for better sleep

Sacredness Of Your Space

Is your bedroom also your office?

Understandably, in small living quarters, you may have no choice but to create multifunctional spaces such as bedroom offices, but if you can avoid it, create for yourself a bedroom that is strictly that – a bed-room. Have it be your daily sanctuary where nothing of the hectic day enters at night – no work, no laptops, no meals – just a sacred space devoted to sleep and rest.

Consider even purging your bedroom of unnecessary electronics – charge your phones and computers elsewhere and get rid of that TV.

The next step in better sleep? Read about the two night time routines you need to put in place right away!

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  • Sara Vartanian says:

    I did a super quick bedroom check for all of us after reading this and realized that my boys sound machines have a blue night light. Those sound machines are helpful to us in a creaky old home so I have placed them in a different position so the light is better covered.