I Like Pretty Things and I Cannot Lie

Luxury Lifestyle As a Hippie You might think that because I moved my family from the city to the lake that I’m a hippie. There’s probably some truth, there. I have always worn Birks, even when they weren’t in style. I don’t shower every day because I don’t think it’s necessary and well, motherhood.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t carry a (fancy) reusable water bottle.

But I love beautiful bags, a great pair of sunglasses, and I swear that my feet require regular pedicures.

Since moving north, I’ve had to make some changes to my beauty life. There are no green beauty spas here so I BYON (bring my own nail polish). I’ve also had to give up my regular threading appointments for waxing. It’s okay. I’m adjusting.

We may live in an old log home, but this lifestyle change feels luxurious to me.

Another adjustment I’ve had to make to country life is shopping for doing all my green beauty products online. I like the experience to feel beautiful like I’m treating myself. Because I am. We all know that buying better beauty products can be expensive. It’s no joke dropping between $50-$150 on a skincare product. I’ll gladly go on hikes in the forest and roll in leaves with my boys, but my skin will be lovingly protected with a non-toxic serum.

There’s something so moody (and maybe a little bit spooky) about a late fall hike.

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When I order from Petal & Post the entire shopping experience is gorgeous. The website is pretty, and the information is well-laid out. I love that I can choose from some of my favourite green beauty brands like Clinical Luxury. And that Jamie, the owner, sources new brands for me to fall in love that are free from toxic ingredients.

Lately, I’ve tried the family-friendly Apples and Bears body wash  and the never, ever sticky, exfoliating love of my life Odacite Jasmine Mimosa Scrub. Shopping from a store that follows a strict ingredients policy means I can browse the “aisles” without fear of wanting something I won’t wear. There’s not much worse than finding something you love and having to put it back. Thankfully, that will never happen at Petal & Post.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Petal & Post as part of the #GMCBeauty campaign. As always, all opinions are my own, I really love the collection of products carried at Petal & Post.