Don’t Be Tricked About How Cartons Are Treated

recycling cartons tips

Chances are they’re in your home already. Whether it’s juice, milk or wine, soup or both, your fridge and pantry are likely housing cartons that confound. When all that lovely liquid has been emptied out, what do you do with these cartons? Do you pop them into the trash, sending them to landfills? There must  be a better way! Recycle them.

Can Recycling Cartons Save You From A Zombie Apocalypse?

Recycling is serious business, and vitally important to the sustainability of our planet, but learning more about why and how to recycle your food and beverage cartons doesn’t have to be dull. In a campaign to promote awareness and knowledge about improving recycling practices, the CCC has created a fun way to learn about carton recycling. Perfect for this spooky Halloween season, families are encouraged to try their hand at surviving a zombie apocalypse by taking this fun quiz. So gather your troops and settle down to play this game and gain a better understanding about recycling cartons while outwitting treacherous zombies.

Click here to play the Zombie Apocalypse game that will make you and your family more knowledgeable about recycling.

recycling cartons quiz and facts

how to recycle cartons quiz

I’m so glad you found your way to this post today. Hopefully, you can put your zombie-apocalypse-escaping skills to work to save not only yourself but the planet as well. Please help us to spread the message by sharing this article on social media, and engaging in the comments. Let’s keep the rate of recycling rising steadily, for a cleaner, greener (and zombie-less) future for all of us.