The Powerful Effect A Self-Love Mindset Has On Your Health And Happiness

effects of self-love mindset on health

For a long time I assumed that in order to be a good holistic nutritionist I had to be personally perfect in my diet, lifestyle, weight and mental health; being less than that meant people might judge me as not good enough.

How could I guide others towards better health + wellness if I was struggling myself?

Lately I’ve realized that, in fact, it’s my struggles that make me a better practitioner. Despite not being perfect myself, I’m still worthy of respect and love (from myself and others), and qualified to give advice. That’s why people still choose to work with me!

Why Being Healthier Doesn’t Guarantee You’ll Be Happier

So many of my clients find it difficult to juggle the demands of their life, be it parenthood, a busy career, family stress, or any combination of it all. They think that in order to achieve ultimate health the conditions have to be perfect to make it happen, otherwise they’ll fail. Or worse, that by failing to achieve a goal that they’ve set, they are somehow less worthy – of respect, love, and compassion both from themselves and from others.

What if I told you that I also struggle with all of this? That despite great desire and some effort, there are goals that, I too, have yet to meet? 

A year ago this is something that I would only admit to my closest friends because it felt shameful to be a holistic nutritionist who was struggling with wellness. The thing is, I’m still a damn good nutritionist and coach, and people who work with me learn, grow, and feel better. All the doubts are in my head – I don’t need to wear them as a cloak of shame, and neither do you.

Stumbling and falling is part of the journey. If you haven’t met your goals yet, that’s ok.

What’s not ok is deciding that you’re less worthy because of it.

The Effects Of Mindset On Your Health

A big part of health, overall wellness, and making changes that stick for the long run involves mindset. Loving and respecting yourself right now, not waiting until you’re a future version of yourself, is the only way to be healthy.

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’re hearing about how your thoughts affect your actions and the importance of mindset, but consider some of the reasons why improving your internal dialogue will make you healthier:

  • You will want to eat in a way that makes you feel good. Self-love makes it easier to nourish yourself, rather than use food as escape or punishment.
  • It’s easier to see exercise and movement as self-care if you’re open to how good it can make you feel. It’s not just something you do to make up for “poor choices” – you do it because you enjoy seeing what your body is capable of.
  • You will be happier and more confident if you’re not ashamed of the way you look or the lifestyle choices that you make. Find other ways to measure your worth.
  • Choosing to respect yourself means that you’ll find ways to dress, carry and present yourself to the world that make you feel more confident about who you are

self-love mindset and health

Embracing A Self-Love Mindset

The truth is, eating a perfect diet (whatever THAT is!), exercising regularly, achieving a weight loss goal, or any other measure you use for good health + wellness will not guarantee that you’ll love yourself anymore in the future, or be any happier. Knowing your worth now is what you need to work on first in order to achieve success with everything else.

It is this body, and this mind that will help you feel healthier and stronger. Show yourself some respect and love, you’re worthy of happiness just as you are.

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