Setting Up For Cloth Diapers

Organizing Diapers In A Nursery

So much work. Messy. Time consuming. Too much laundry.

These are the typical comments I hear when I bring up cloth diapers to non-cloth diapering folks. Granted, the images ingrained in the minds of many are folded diapers being hand washed, hung to dry and pressed with rubber pants to cover and pins to hold the diapers together. Let’s discuss modern storage and set-up of cloth diapers.

Modern cloth diapering has come a long way. So has how families are setting up for cloth diapers. If you search Pinterest for cloth diaper storage, you’ll find 1000s of pictures of peoples stashes all neatly arranged in very innovative ways.

As for us and our first baby, we followed the “norm” when we setup our baby room. Crib, dresser, and baby changing stuff all in the room. She slept in a bassinet in our room or our bed for the first 4 months and barely went int her room. We had a change pad that moved between our room and downstairs. It was tiring moving everything, going up and down the stairs to get her diaper stuff. Taking her cloth diapers up and down the stairs for cleaning. We struggled through it and finally found a groove. It wasn’t until baby #2 however that we woke up to a few things.

We didn’t have a “baby room” with number 2. We co-slept, so our 1st daughter kept the crib which had been made into a toddler bed. Baby #2 had her clothes stored in the kid room, but that was it. A friend gave us a change table that we put on our main floor and that became the changing area. Due to the way our house was designed, upstairs was just bedrooms and the main floor was where we spent the majority of our time. We had a main floor washer and dryer. We had a 2 piece bathroom on the main floor. Why would we take everything up and down when we could just set-up downstairs?

We made a laundry triangle, similar to the kitchen triangle. Our diaper sprayer and pail were set-up in the main floor bathroom. It was amazing. So efficient for our busy family! This set-up may not work in your house, but the key is to think outside of the box and to find out the most efficient way to set-up for your family. Plus, cloth diapers are fun and cute, why not show them off as part of your decor? You can reuse furniture already in your home or find great looking (and inexpensive) second hand items for storage and set-up. If you do paint, make sure you use a zero VOC paint.

There are so many amazing ways people have set-up their diaper area and I would love to hear about yours! Please share, you may inspire another Green Mom!

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  • Sara Vartanian says:

    My childhood desk has twice been repurposed as fab changing station for our boys. I also keep a basket on the main floor filled with cloth diapers, wipes, a changing mat and a wet bag for quick changes. We don’t have a main floor bathroom so our diaper sprayer is set up upstairs and I also leave a wet bag in the bathroom which I empty daily into our diaper pail.