Let Simplicity Be Your Guide

Simple Living For Mothers

The usual article on simplification would typically have a title like ‘5 ways to simply your life’ but I want to write and stress the importance of simplicity and how incorporating into your everyday life can help you feel more aligned and grounded.

We all know we can streamline our wardrobes and de-clutter our kids’ toys but why do it? What value does it bring? Simplicity is more than just getting rid of physical possessions. It’s about simplifying your life in every aspect. It’s about making a choice to focus on what’s essential and meaningful in your life.

Embracing Simple Living With Kids

I can tell you from personal experience that it has changed my life and lifted me through challenging times. I have seen it ground my children and create calm in their day-to-day lives. It has also helped my husband through a very challenging health crisis. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Some very small changes can go a great distance.

Simplicity to me means getting crystal clear on what matters and letting go of the rest.

What do you want? And so when you’re feeling super stressed and overwhelmed, it’s essential to cut out the crap that no longer serves you and create some space in order to increase the odds of making it through.

A Simple Family Ritual

I’ll give you an example. A major component of creating simplicity is implementing rituals in your everyday life. Rituals come in all shapes and forms and are personal. They become habitual and help you to remain grounded.

A few years ago after my husband’s cancer diagnosis the stress level in our household had reached a tipping point. Mark and I had a disagreement about something and he chose to stay in the bedroom during dinnertime. Our family ritual is to hold hands around the table and share what we are grateful for. Not having him at the table created unease for our young daughters and they did not want to eat until he rejoined. Something as simple as a one-minute ritual served as a grounding point for them in their day. In that moment everything was ok. It is something positive that connects all of us regardless of what was going on.

How to let simple living guide your parenting

In our society we tend to run a mile a minute and even more so as parents. Life gets a little out of control and when you throw a life crisis in the mix it becomes overloaded. However, the accumulation of stress and growing dissatisfaction are actually the turning points and opportunities to evaluate where you are at. It is during these moments that simplicity becomes more appealing.

When my life flipped upside down my husband and I learned a valuable lesson and one we still practice today. Saying no. We stopped going to the social outings we really didn’t want to go to. We stopped traveling extra miles for things that weren’t really serving us. We prioritized our time and part of that meant staying home and doing the simple things that we never felt we had the time to do.

As you can see simplicity isn’t always about removing clutter (although this is a great place to start).

So what stops you?

Simplification takes courage and persistence. It takes imagination and trust. It’s not for the faint at heart, especially in our modern world, but it’s do-able. Remember that, no matter what, you are in charge of your life— you always have a choice in how you choose to respond. Start small. Start simple. You can do it. I can support you in my Simplicity Parenting Facebook group for mothers.