Sour Lemon Gelato Recipe

Sour Lemon Gelato Recipe

I was all set to share my go-to brunch recipe of scones with you this month but then I decided to search ‘sour cream’ on Pinterest just for kicks. This is where I learned that sour cream could be turned into gelato. GELATO. Bye bye scones.

And since the May Long weekend was super hot, I felt it was my duty to test out this phenomenon and try it on my family. We were busy building a platform for our gazebo, fishing, and swimming in the lake. My boys even dragged out their kiddie pool one afternoon and played without argument for more than two hours. This needed to be celebrated by eating gelato.

Gelato Recipe for kids

I used Gay Lea’s original sour cream for the recipe since I read full-fat sour cream would be creamier than the low-fat or fat-free options. Creamy is just how gelato should be. Oh, and tangy. And cold.

Sour cream in gelato? I was a disbeliever, too.

Lemon gelato sounded refreshing for the hot days of late spring so I swapped out the vanilla extract from this recipe for the juice of 4 lemons.

Sour Lemon Gelato Recipe

  • 1 1/2 cups ┬ásour cream
  • 1 cup condensed sweetened milk
  • Juice from 4 lemons

Sour Lemon Gelato Recipe

I’m not one for many kitchen gadgets (we designed our log home kitchen to have no uppers so you can imagine my limited storage space) but I kinda love the juicer. I was halfway throw squeezing the lemons by hand and picking the seeds out of the blender when I remembered I had my Nana’s juicer. Look at the difference between the two lemons. You can tell which one I squeezed by hand (it’s the one with more inside left).

How to make your own gelato

This gelato recipe only has three ingredients. It’s so simple.

I poured the ingredients directly in my blender (Blendtec). Then I pushed the smoothie button and thought for about 40-seconds how delicious this gelato was going to be. Once done, I poured into two deep bowls and used a spatula to scrape out every last drop. I popped it into the freezer and left it overnight (but it was nice and frozen after about six hours).

3-ingredient Lemon Gelato

I used a melon baller to make mini lemon gelato scoops which actually looked so sweet. I added some frozen blueberries into one of the bowls as a colourful topper-I can’t wait for the fresh ones to be in season.

Simple Gelato Recipe


Simple sour cream lemon gelato

The sour cream based gelato did not disappoint. It was tangy and decadent and just lemony enough. If you are hosting guests this summer, the lemon gelato would be a nice treat for on top of waffles for kids or a small dessert for after a bbq.

Sour Lemon Gelato Recipe

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