Start A Sage Smudging Practice

how to begin a sage smudging practice

We’re all familiar with decluttering our home from stuff that no long serves us but what about the energies in our space? How do we release the negative ones?

More and more people are turning to sage smudging, an ancient Native American tradition to cleanse the air.

How would you know if a space has negative energy? Think about how the room feels after an argument with your partner, a round of sickness or even after a bad parenting day. It feels heavy and yucky.

You may also consider smudging if you have moved into a new place and want to cleanse the space for your family.

Sage smudging may feel pretty hippie, but it’s actually a great practice that helps you be mindful about your space and intentions. Some people like to use sage smudging as a regular ritual to set new intentions and release feelings that aren’t serving them.

Have you noticed the dried sage bundle wrapped in string at your favourite wellness stores and wondered what to do with them?

sage smudging how to

How To Start Sage Smudging

  1. Open a window to make sure there is ventilation in the space. There is smoke involved and you want somewhere for it to go, along with the negative energy.
  2. Light the smudge stick (or pull off dried sage leaves and light them) in a fireproof container. Blow out the flame immediately.
  3. Walk around your space and use your hand to waft the smoke to the perimeter especially around doorways, corners, and windows. Stay mindful of your intention.
  4. Do not stop the sage bundle from burning, it is believed that it will go out when a space is cleansed.

sage smudging how to cleanse negative energy

My husband gifted my a smudging stick awhile ago and I was drawn to begin using it recently because we’ve been experiencing a lot of stress.

Does it work? I feel like smudging helps me be intentional about how I want the vibe of our home to be and makes me feel like I’m doing something to let go of the negative. And sage is known for its calming properties.

With the new year here, it feels like the perfect time to bring a new practice into our lives. I’ll be keeping up this ritual whenever I feel like we need to clear the air. I picked up a new sage wand locally at Province Apothecary.

P.S. After sage smudging the room, you might want to follow-up with smudging with Sweet Grass to invite in positive energies (follow the same steps as sage smudging) or by burningĀ Palo Santo incense sticks to energize your space.

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