An App For Swapping Clothes

clothing swap app

Late September is traditionally the time of the year that I start a bi-annual sweep through my family’s closets and dressers. The colder and darker mornings mean we’re putting on sweaters for the walk to school. And in the evenings, we often need to change into a pair of pants before walking our dog.

This mass declutter is when I learn that my children’s pants are hovering inches about their ankles or their long sleeved clothing are annoyingly short. I used to be able to pass clothing from my oldest to my youngest, but now they are nearly equal in size.

Just yesterday, I removed eight pairs of pants and four sweatshirts from their room. These items are in near perfect condition but we can’t use them any longer. According to FabSwapp, “The majority of products that are thrown away typically have 90% of their life left.” To avoid that, FabSwapp was designed to give items a second life by allowing you to trade your pre-loved items with like-minded people nearby, for free!

It’s a new app, so there are still limited places that have people locally to swap with, but as more and more people upload their stuff, the choices will grow! This mobile app is a great concept to sustainably shop for the clothing (and more) items we need, using an updated version of the old-fashioned barter system.

Here’s how to get started on FabSwapp:

  1. Download the app for free for your iPhone or Android
  2. List your clothing & other things laying around the house. It’s as simple as taking a picture, writing a brief description and setting a token value.
  3. Look regularly to find new-to-you items that local people are giving away.
  4. Chat with other users about your items.
  5. Place a bid on any item using the Fabswapp virtual token currency.
  6. Receive offers from other users and negotiate tokens.
  7. To keep this barter system eco-friendly, meet up and swap your item.

The best part about FabSwapp is the fact that swaps are not one to one; they are one too many. This means that if you give an item to one person, you can redeem the tokens you earned for stuff that other users are giving away.

What do you think? Isn’t it a great way to swap clothes with other families or even swap for another item you need for your home?! I think it would be a genius way to declutter my children’s toys!