Leaking My Secrets On The DivaCup Switch

Tips for making The DivaCup work for you

Did I convince you to give The DivaCup a try when I revealed why I gave the menstrual cup thing a go? If you are ready to try the diva cup head on down to your local drugstore or merchant of natural health foods and goods and follow these tips on how to use the diva cup.

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Four Tips On How To Use The DivaCup

Get the right size

The DivaCup comes in two different sizes. Model 1  is intended for women under 30 years old who have never delivered vaginally or by caesarean section. Model 2  will fit better for women over 30 years old and/or women who have delivered either vaginally or via c-section.

Even for those of us who didn’t push a football-sized being out of our lady bits, things have likely changed down there due to pregnancy, and the carrying around of that 30-lb (and up) belly of life-bearing amazingness.

I’m a very petite woman, and hummed and hawed that maybe I should get the Model 1, even after my C-section (the Model 2 can look pretty big), but I’m glad I went with the manufacturer’s recommendation and left with a Model 2 Menstrual Cup.

DivaCup Tips

If you try a Model 2, follow the User Guide and all the tips below, and you still cannot get the cup to work, you may need to practice some exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Keep your hands clean

Before inserting (and even before removing) a menstrual cup, it’s very important to thoroughly wash your hands and the cup with a mild, unscented soap to avoid any troublesome germs from getting all up inside you.

There is a DivaWash you can purchase specifically for how to clean a diva cup, but since I have a mild, unscented baby soap sitting in our bathroom, I just use this. Hooray for dual-purpose products!

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Practice with backup

Don’t expect The DivaCup to work perfectly for you the first time you use it. Placing and inserting the diva cup is different from using a tampon, and requires that you get to know your individual body in a way that isn’t as necessary with a tampon.

While you’re learning how to make The DivaCup work for you, I suggest you wear a backup pad or panty liner during your first menstrual cycle experimenting with the cup. You may even need to keep that backup for a few cycles until you figure it out how to insert a diva cup properly.

It took me three visits from old Aunt Flo to feel confident that I know how to properly place the cup inside my body to ensure it doesn’t leak and create a very awkward and embarrassing moment. Just keep trying, and it will all be worth it once you perfect your placement technique.

How to insert a Diva Cup

Push it. Push it good.

Since tampons swell up and suck all the liquid in with their crazy, chemically absorbent material, we just stick them up wherever they fit and carry on.

With The DivaCup, you’re going to want to insert it more horizontally, towards your tailbone, and place it under your cervix to catch everything that comes out.

Here’s where you’ll probably have some learning to do about your own body. For myself, I wasn’t very familiar with the path of my vagina or where exactly my cervix was.

What I discovered about how to insert a diva cup was this: just keep pushing until you reach that spot where the tunnel seems to end and settle The DivaCup up against it. You’ll probably be able to feel it when it’s right, and think, “Aha! So that’s my cervix!”

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Menstrual care and an anatomy lesson all rolled up into one little cup? What more could you want in life, really?

I hope by sharing my experiences with the diva cup have been helpful in raising awareness to alternatives for safer and more effective feminine hygiene, and that I’ve compelled even a few of you to put a plug in your tampon use and give The Diva Cup a try.

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