10 Tips To Go Green In The Kitchen

10 Tips To Go Green In The Kitchen

Living earth-friendly is a lot like being in a relationship. It’s the day to day habits and gestures that make an impact.

Since the kitchen is the heart of our home, from which we nourish our family, it feels like the perfect place to start focusing on ways you can go green.

10 Ways To Go Green In The Kitchen

Choose one or two you are not already doing and work towards making them a habit.

1. Organize Your Meals: Planning your meals helps to reduce the food you buy and the food you waste. There’s nothing worse than throwing out piles of veggies because you didn’t consider how you would use them. I plan my meals after I see what is on sale at the grocery stores (see #4).

2. Dinners At Home: As the day goes on, we tend to eat less healthy. Knowing what the plan is for dinner will help you to minimize the urge to order take-out when you come home from work. Meal planning is better for your wallet, waist, and the earth since take-out containers produce a lot of garbage!

3. Get The Flipp App: This app has been a game changer for me. I try to feed my family organic food as much as possible, but the costs do add up. I like to look through the local grocery story flyers using the Flipp App to source organic foods, especially the fruits and veggies, and then I meal plan for the week.

4. Buy Bulk: When you shop in bulk, you use less disposable packaging. Avoid individualized packages like yogurt, raisins, and applesauce. Rather redistribute the snacks at home into reusable containers for school lunches.

5. Make Ahead: Make a pile of on-the-go snacks ahead of time like these energy balls, trail mix or cut-up veggies. Place them in reusable containers in your fridge or pantry so they’re ready to grab on the way out the door. I love to leave a big bowl of fruits on the counter; they are the most eco-friendly snacks of all!

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6. Compost Station: Set up a place in your kitchen beside where you food prep to keep all your compost. I use a medium-sized pull-out garbage bin under my sink for collecting a one to two days worth of food scraps.  You can find attractive counter top ones at many home stores.

7. Ditch The Plastic:  Build up a collection of glass and stainless steel containers to store food in your fridge, pantry or for lunches. I watched for store sales to stock up on a large quantity at once.

8. Give Items Another Life: Reuse glass bottles to store dried foods in your cupboards, bring soups to work or my favourite way, green smoothies or fruit-infused water!

9. Clean Wisely: Think carefully about the cleaner you are using on the counter where you prepare your food. There are plenty of non-toxic choices available. If you like a soft scrubby cleaner make your own using my castile soap recipe: 4 parts baking soda to one part castile soap.

10. Breathe Better: This final tip belongs on any earth-friendly list. Open a window daily to bring fresh air into your home. Use a range hood when cooking to remove stale air and scents.