Using Pinterest To Create A Cozy Home

how to use pinterest to design a cozy home

Comfort is a word that can mean so many different things to us. To me, within the home it’s all about creating a space that brings a sense of warmth, serenity and thought.

As a family, we are still in the midst of unpacking. Why I fell in love with our new home is because there is no room without a large window that frames our surrounding of forest and open farmland. My want is to reflect the outside elements we love, within each room. Plants, wood furniture, mixed textiles and accents of bright colour, paired against warm white walls and family photographs– is how I am trying to capture this. I think this is the key to any successful space. Making sure it defines what you love while being calm and functional – makes any space inviting.

I have always been drawn to Scandinavian design with a Boho twist. What Pinterest has helped me do is define what I truly love.

To follow is a selection of images from Pinterest that I have used to help me decide on what elements I want to include within our new home.










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