Wet Felting Acorns Tutorial

Wet Felting Acorn TutorialThere is a chill in the air and the acorns are falling from the trees. If your kids are anything like mine after a day at the park, you end up with acorns and acorns tops in all their coat pockets, pant pockets, knapsack pockets…everywhere really.

Today I have a super easy craft that you and the kids can to do keep those park day memories. Even the baby helped with this one!

A Wet Felting Tutorial For Kids

Wet Felting Acorns

Materials needed for wet felting acorns:

  • Wool Roving in various colours*
  • Hot water
  • Dish Soap (Castile also works)
  • Plastic egg (or another small container)
  • Acorns Tops
  • Glue

Fall Nature Craft

To make the pompom (ball):

Pull off about 15 to 30cm of roving and then cut that into 1cm fiber pieces. Finding roving is not as hard as you might think. I did go to a wool shop to get mine, but I’ve seen it in craft supply stores. Apparently Corriedale wool roving works the best for beginners and wet felting.

Make small piles of each coloured fibers so that the kids can pick and choose which colours they want to make their pompoms with. *

If you can’t find the colours you want, dying natural roving with natural dyes is relatively easy. You can even use the drink mix method from the play silks tutorial post. Mix and match the colours to get some really fun results. You can pull the fibers apart to really mix them up.

Wet Felting Wood Acorn Craft

In a small dish mix hot water with one to two drops of soap. Gather up the fibers and loosely shape into a ball. Dip into the water/soap mixture then you can either place the ball in the plastic egg (or another small container) and shake it around.

Check every once in awhile to see how it is forming and dipping in the water mixture as needed. Or you can roll it around in your hands, dipping in the water as needed. Hot water and friction help wool felt which is why you don’t put wool sweaters in the washer and dryer!

DIY Wool Felted Acorns

The kids and baby liked to shake a container. I’m more tactile and enjoyed rolling it around in my hands. I also found that dipping the fibers in hotter water made a firmer pompom, so if you can take the heat try to use the hottest water you can stick your hands in. They will bounce when dry.

Wet Felting Acorns Tutorial

To make the acorns:

Once you have the pompoms made let them sit overnight to dry. Adding the wet pompoms to the acorns tops will turn the acorn tops to a kind of mushy, soft mess. I may have been a tiny bit impatient with the first one. When completely dry add some glue to the acorn top and push a pompom into the glue.

Make Your Own Felted Acorns

Voila! You’ve just made a wet felted acorn!

Wet Felting Tutorial with acorns

Wet Felting Acorns Tutorial With Green Moms Collective

Wet felting sort of intimidated me, I would see fun necklaces and mobiles and the acorns and think, wow that looks hard…it is not!

I really think as long as you dip in the water/soap every once in awhile or dip in hot water and keep rolling or shaking you are going to get something that resembles a pompom!