7 Pieces To Build A Winter Wardrobe

The past several years have seen a trend towards minimizing (I’m looking at you, KonMari) and simplifying. Getting rid of the extras, the unnecessary, is thought to help make our life simpler and more enjoyable.

If like me, you’ve stood in front of your closet, trying on piece after piece with dissatisfaction, only to leave the house with clothing strewn all over your bed than you can appreciate how this theory can apply to getting dressed.

How do we end the “what do I wear” dilemma?

Julie Skirving of Logan & Finley says, “If people can add a couple of the ‘essentials, it makes all the other things in their wardrobe work better together.” This makes sense.

Our closets often have the trendy pieces of fashion, the jewellery or scarves or novelty tops. It’s the timeless items that may be missing; the clothing that can be mixed and matched in multiple ways to anchor our novelty pieces.

Rebecca Earl, a sleep consultant (and GMC contributor) and I went to Logan & Finley for a fun day of seasonal wardrobe building. It was the second time I’ve watched Julie’s personalized shopping skills in action and I was in awe of her ability once again.

While selecting winter wardrobe basics, Julie shared tips on how to figure out what essentials work for your lifestyle by considering versatility. Ask yourself:

Does it work together?

What do I already have that would work with this piece?

Can I wear it casually and dress it up?

Can it be layered?

As I watched her style Rebecca, I noted that some of the best outfit combinations came from bending fashion rules and personal style rules. My favourite was the pairing of leggings and skirt because it means no pantyhose and the chance to wear fun booties rather than pumps.

7 Key Items For A Winter Wardrobe

A quality basics plan is a really great foundation for your wardrobe that will last year over year. Think about choosing solid colours and pieces that can be layered together. Here are seven pieces that Julie recommends that are easy to wear and versatile enough to take you many places:

  1. Tank
  2. Skirt
  3. Leggings
  4. Blazer
  5. T-shirt
  6. Sweater
  7. Tunic or Dress

You can see the range of combinations that Julie styled using these seven core pieces in the gallery above. There are many possibilities! After choosing your key pieces, mix and match with clothing you already have in your wardrobe. Have a great flannel shirt that you only ever wear with jeans? Try pairing it with leggings or a skirt. Be playful with your sweatshirt by wearing it with dressier clothes.

7 winter wardrobe basics to match with items you already have in your closet

What wardrobe essential are you missing? Personally, I’d like to add a skirt to my collection.

If you are in Toronto, book a shopping session with Julie to add key pieces to your winter wardrobe.

Disclosure: Over the next few months, Julie and I are partnering together to share stories of how to bring sustainable, local products into our everyday lives.