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What’s The Deal With Waste-Free, Boomerang Lunch Programs?

boomerang lunch and waste-free lunch example

As an elementary teacher, I’ve spent eleven years cringing at the contents of school waste bins with barely touched yogurt, bite-marked bagels, and full baggies of carrot sticks. In the primary grades, the juice boxes threaten to spill onto the classroom floor after an indoor recess. Waste-free, boomerang lunch programs are an environmental initiative you want to help your school get behind.

Waste-free lunch vs. boomerang lunch

A waste-free lunch, or a litterless lunch, is one where all the lunch gear is reusable from the washable cloth napkins to the refillable juice box container. It is a planet friendly way to pack your child’s lunch as it doesn’t produce the daily trash of single-use items.


Letting Go…of Constipation


Four natural ways to combat constipation, tips from Naturopathic Doctor

Let’s talk about what not too many of us openly discuss: bowel movements. It was once wisely pointed out that everybody poops, so there’s no shame or embarrassment in it. As a naturopathic doctor, I talk to all my patients about their regularity (often in some detail), and it’s shocking how many people are constipated. Some don’t even realize it. Let’s jump right in!


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