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DItch the toxic beauty products. Let's turn October green this year!


October is almost here. With the change of the calendar comes the pink ribbon campaign to raise money and awareness about breast cancer. Many of the companies who sell pink coloured gear during October manufacture products that contain toxins linked to breast cancer. Like many of you, breast cancer has touched my family many times over, and I am passionate about raising awareness on ways we can reduce our risks.

Let’s go green with our beauty routines

This October, Green Moms Collective wants to help you clean up your beauty routines. We aim to raise awareness and help you take control over the products you put on your skin and ultimately into your bodies. We’ll be showing you how to perform a simple beauty audit, understand the toxin ten ingredients to avoid, and connect you with great beauty brands to choose safer alternatives. Follow along through the month to learn how to reduce your health risks by shifting the products you wear every day!


How To Choose Safe And Eco-Friendly Toys

12 Ways To Choose Safe, Eco-friendly Toys

Children love to suck and chew on toys, most especially babies. It’s one way they explore the world around them. It’s also one of the ways in which toxic chemicals can leach out of the toys and into your little one. You already safeguard your child from toys that are choking hazards but have you ever considered the state of your child’s toys from a health and planet perspective? I know…it’s enough to make more grey hairs appear but don’t let the feeling of overwhelm get you down!


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