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Seeds for you, seeds for a friend #OOAK14

Cubits seeds gardening giveaway

Laura filling up Cubits seed packages by hand

I’ve been wanting to start a food garden for ages-three years to be exact. I used to have a small herb and tomato garden but since we’ve moved to our current home, three years ago, life has been babies, business, and renovations. Next spring, I plan to turn our urge to renovate to outside by planting pollinator and vegetable gardens. My mom has always helped me with gardening (okay…did it for me) but since she’s moved three hours north of the city, I’ll need to tackle this without her standing beside me.


Dad’s Back Health


Tips For Dad's Back Health From A Chiropractor

We tend to talk about the issues that moms have after having a baby but dads have problems too!

There’s a reason that my practice is mostly made up of women. Women tend to make better health decisions for themselves than men do. Men, on average, work out more regularly but don’t generally take care of an injury quickly, thinking instead that they can just ‘exercise through the pain’.


That time I tried No Poo…

no poo method failed for my hair

Dry, greasy hair on No Poo method

Shampoo might be my Achille’s heel. Not so long ago, I was feeling fed up in my search for a green, toxic-free shampoo that worked with my hair. I was spending a small fortunate accumulating different brands, all which seemed to work for only a few washes. Then the familiar itchy rash would creep up my neck and behind my ears ringing the alarm that the product was irritating my skin. I was desperately missing the lathering feature of the toxic SLS ingredient I was trying so hard to avoid, I’d overcompensate by using too much shampoo that didn’t get rinsed out well enough, making my thick, wavy hair feel yucky.


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