Green Moms Free Online Slots: We Are Using Cookies

By using cookies, we learn your preferences and tailor our site to make it more user-friendly. So every time you visit our site, we succeed in offering you exactly the content you are interested in!

Cookies: What Are They?

Cookies should be understood as information that is stored on your PC or other device every time you visit the website. This way, the site “remembers” exactly when you visited it and what actions you took. Also in his memory remains login, password, language and other settings you have chosen, so the next time you do not have to enter them again.

What Does It Mean in Your Case?

By visiting our site you agree to our Cookie Policy, which means that some information will be kept on your device.

You can, of course, visit our site without giving this consent, but please note that if you do, it will reduce the usability of the site. In particular, you may have problems navigating.

NB: If you still do not want cookies to be stored on your device, you can either go to the browser settings and deactivate the option or delete them manually.

Here you can find more information on how to delete cookies that you already have or deactivate their collection system. Still, remember that without cookies, the site may not work properly or you may just find it uncomfortable.


Categories of Cookies

Cookies come in several types, depending on their function and purpose. Some we use are as follows:

  • for technical tasks;
  • only for a certain period of time (retention period);
  • the files are stored and used by us or a third party (the cookie provider).

Technical Tasks

We need some cookies for technical purposes. We collect files that we need to keep the site running and its main functions. These kinds of files will be automatically stored on your device every time you visit our site, unless you uncheck the appropriate option in your browser properties.

On the other hand, not all cookies are needed for the purposes listed above. However, we do use them to find out which pages of the site are frequently visited and which are not. That way we can find out which parts of our site you are most interested in and tailor it to you. That is, to use the site becomes much more convenient.

Retention Period

Cookies are stored and used only during a certain period. Depending on it, we can distinguish three categories:

  • session cookies
  • permanent cookies
  • so-called flow-files

Session cookies are needed for as long as you stay on the site. As soon as the session expires or you leave the site, such cookies are automatically deleted or simply become invalid. We use them to retrieve information relevant to the time you are on the site.

Permanent cookies are stored for a longer period. Why? To allow the site to “recognize” the user the next time they visit our portal. In this case, all the settings they have set before are saved and do not need to be re-entered. This applies, for example, to the choice of language. In other words, the pages of the site that you have already visited are displayed faster, so it is much more convenient to use it. As soon as such files expire, they are automatically deleted.

Flow files are used to communicate between the company’s external servers. These files are stored on your device and are used to navigate the site. As soon as you stop navigating from page to page, they are deleted.

Cookie Providers

So, cookies appear on your device after you visit our site. In addition, there is such a thing as external or third-party cookies. These are other sites or organizations, such as Web analytics tools, which may use cookies to distribute advertisements, including social networks.

Regarding cookies and web analytics, our website uses Google Analytics. At the moment, it’s the only tool of its kind that we use. It helps us determine which pages on our site are visited the most and which are visited the least. We also use it to determine the preferences of our readers. By the way, user information is stored on Google servers. Google Analytics tools, on the other hand, allow us to collect data about site visitors, analyze it, process it, and create relevant reports on user behavior. Please be aware that we are obliged to share this information with those legally authorized to do so.