Magic In The Air + A Healthier Winter Holiday

Four Ways To Have A Healthier Winter Holiday

Today felt full of moments that I recognized as magical as I was experiencing them. Matthew, my three-year old, woke up to see the piles of snow, “Oh mama. Can I touch I?” He instantly recognized the beauty of the first real snowfall of this season, and the first that he can remember. My husband surprised me at work with a hot lunch of my favourite Thai food just because he knew I’d want something warming on the cold day instead of my salad. Love. And after work, my little family and I bundled up and went to the park to make snow angels long after the sun had set. We came inside with rosy cheeks and promises of hot chocolate. Not everyday is like this but today was and I’m going to hold these moments close as time speeds us along toward the holidays.

Like me, you’re likely dreaming of cozy ways to spend time indoors with your family during the winter holidays so I’ve rounded up some of my favourite articles with easy to implement healthy home tips to help you keep everyone you love enjoying the season.

Boost Your Immune System

With seasonal changes, colds and flu’s can make their arrival. Keep your family in fighting condition by putting into practice some of these immune boosting tips. This article moves beyond ideas that you already know are good for you like getting more sleep and washing your hands to give you healthy suggestions that begin right in your kitchen.

Make Homemade Air Fresheners

Consider shifting away from conventional sprays and candles, these artificial fragrances can contain phthalates and other chemicals linked to respiratory issues including asthma. Start collecting citrus peels to create homemade air fresheners that won’t add VOCs to your home. Do some mama multitasking as well by getting your preschooler to work on fine motor skills and create a tabletop centrepiece by poking cloves into mandarins to make citrus pomanders.

Plan For A Non-Toxic Holiday

You’re decorating your home and thoughtfully choosing gifts but are you sure that love is all you are spreading this season? Holiday decorations, toys, and personal care products are some of the items that can contain unhealthy toxins. Jen Mayville of Environmental Defence Canada shares doable non-toxic holiday tips. The Eco-Chic’s upcycled t-shirt wreath looks like a fun place to start for an eco-friendly seasonal craft.

Better Indoor Air

Babies and children spend lots of time close to the ground or furniture- touching, breathing, and potentially mouthing (or ingesting) things that they find. There are a ton of small changes you can implement in your home to make breathing better for everyone. Keep your little ones healthy this the winter by trying some of the scalable ways to improve air quality. Start by opening a few windows everyday and work up to purchasing a hygrometer to monitor humidity levels.

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