Meet Our Contributors

Green Mom Contributor, Hannah Spray
Hannah Spray is a Preschool Teacher turned Mama, living on Salt Spring Island, BC. Raised by her before-their-time natural-living and eco-conscious parents, she embraces the “Green” way of life that she was happy to find is so accepted in her current island home. Owner and blogger of The Big To-Do List, Hannah shares her thoughts and experiences of positive parenting and natural lifestyle, with a commitment to uplift and empower families.
Green Moms Holistic Contributor
Arja Pennanen Lytle is a Toronto based holistic nutritionist who is passionate about good food and good health. She believes that enthusiasm, vitality, and peace of mind are just as important as nutrition to overall health and well-being. Arja teaches her clients to regain control of their own health by showing them how simple whole foods, herbs and supplements can bring the body and mind back into balance
Green Mom Naturopathic Doctor
As an ND, Jenny Henderson strongly believes in the healing power of nature, and the use of evidence-based and traditional therapies in supporting each person in overcoming health concerns, restoring health, and preventing illness. Such therapies include herbal medicine, acupuncture, good nutrition and a proper lifestyle, physical therapies, homeopathy, and counseling. Jenny is currently accepting new patients at her practice in Aurora, Ontario.


Green Mom Jennifer Webster
Jennifer Webster could talk about education all day long. She is a chief household operator (with 3 little people/bosses) and the Mama behind Play Me Mama Crafts. An Outdoor Educator in her pre-mama days, she makes educating her kids a priority and being a green mom, that just comes natural.
Green Mom Doula Laurie McGowan
Laurie McGowan is the owner and Chief Operating Mom of Adventures of Little. She is a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor and a certified Birth Boot Camp DOULA. Laurie brings an open mind, empathy, genuine caring, and a little humour to each class and client meeting. Her job is to help couples simplify childbirth through empathy and education so they too can have the empowering birth they wish to experience wherever they choose to birth. Laurie loves coffee, pastry and her bicycle…in that order.
Green Mom Aromatherapist

Denise is a Certified Aromatherapist, founder of Lotus Natural Living Online Boutique and creator of three Aromatherapy based all natural product lines for the home, baby and body (CleanEssentials, Tush and LotusSkin). As a mom of two kids, Denise has a passion for educating other moms about natural products and the benefits of essential oils.


Green Mom, Teacher Rebecca Saha
Rebecca Saha is an elementary school teacher and green business entrepreneur. She is a co-owner and curator of iSpy Clothing. In a world where fast fashion has long-lasting human and environmental consequences, iSpy Clothing is about slowing it down.


Recreation Expert Green Moms Collective
Holly LaRochelle is a passionate recreation coordinator by day, crazy farm mama of two by night. She lives outdoors: growing her own food, camping and hiking with her border collie with two active kids in tow. When she’s not outside, she’s experimenting with upcycled crafts, fresh recipes or anything else that might keep the monkeys entertained. Find her at Wild+Free Family.
Emma Rohmann is Green at Home mom to two young children and an environmental engineer with 9 years’ experience as a green building consultant. Her green living journey started over 10 years ago and in 2015 she launched Green at Home – a social media and blog campaign to provide thoughtful, practical ideas for making homes more green and healthy without breaking the bank. She also offers personalized consulting to help families save money, create a healthier home, and reduce their environmental footprint. Emma was recruited in 2015 by the David Suzuki Foundation as a Queen of Green Coach. For tip sheets and green living blog, visit her at Green at Home.
rebecca earl
Rebecca Earl is an only child (because she never slept as an infant), a mother of two young boys, a foodie and an HGTV addict. She is a child sleep consultant and adult sleep coach at her company, The Sugar Plum Sleep Co., where she aims to improve the quality of sleep for the whole family.
Judith tam lang
Judith Lam Tang is a mama to 1 who is passionate about green, toxin-free, healthy living. She shares her journey and experiences on Juicy Green Mom so readers can feel empowered, enlightened, and inspired to make educated eco-friendly product and lifestyle choices. She was a past Queen of Green coach with the David Suzuki Foundation and continues to spread the message of going green through workshops and her blog.