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Hi, I’m Sara Vartanian. Welcome to Green Moms Collective.

I’m a thirty-something mother of two boys, an elementary teacher-turned-blogger and a social media manager and content creator for green beauty and education businesses. In the spring of 2015, my mother was given less than six months to live after her breast cancer spread to her bones. My husband, Andy, and I, didn’t want to look back with any regrets, so we moved our family from our hometown of Toronto to be near her in Haliburton, ON. We sold our North Toronto home and bought a little log home with sweeping lake views and waterfront. My mom passed away in August, on our son John’s sixth-birthday. We don’t know how long we are staying but are enjoying the quiet and being surrounded by nature, for now.After a year of living lakeside, we’ve returned home to Toronto.

This is the story of how Green Moms Collective came to be.

After my oldest son, John was born in 2009 I embarked on a steep learning curve when I learned about the toxins found in our foods, clothes, personal care products, and home. My maternity leave was spent immersed in changing what I could within the constraints of my budget; replacing questionable items with better choices as the need arose.


By the time we had our second son, Matt, in 2011, even my birthing choices were different; I had a doula and midwife supported water birth. He was the child that had me take the leap to cloth diapering.

I started Green Moms Collective in 2013. Every week, along with my amazing contributors, I share insight into making better choices for our family’s wellness and the planet with a focus on Canadian content. I love sharing green beauty finds, musings on motherhood and seeking the simple life, and lately, I’ve enjoyed interviewing women across Canada for our featured expert series.

I’m not perfect. I’m happy with the scale tipped towards mindful, eco-friendly choices and never berate myself (or others) when it doesn’t happen. If you want to ask a question, discuss how we can work together or say hello, I’d love that. Email me at info(at)greenmomscollective(dot)ca.

Thanks for reading!

xx, Sara


Living Well In Motherhood

Green Moms Collective is passionate about living well in motherhood. With a little help from mothers who get it and wellness experts. Get us weekly.

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