10 Natural Spring Cleaning Hacks And Recipes

Spring Cleaning Naturally

As we all know, it has been a long winter but spring is almost here and I’m ready to bust out my spring cleaning hacks and natural recipes.

I love the whole experience of spring cleaning. Throwing the windows open (a must for healthy cleaning), hanging the blankets outside and cleaning the house top to bottom.

Chemical cleaning does not fit into this picture. I gave up using chemicals many years ago for cleaning. Gone are the days when the house doesn’t feel clean without the smell of bleach wafting through the house like when we were kids.

Clean to me means fresh, natural smells such as lemon and tea tree essential oil, or lavender sprayed on my sheets. Do you agree? A healthier clean is simple with these natural spring cleaning tips.

natural spring cleaning recipes

Natural Spring Cleaning Hacks For A Healthy Home

      1. Brighten your sink by squeezing some lemon juice in the kitchen sink and sprinkle with baking soda. Scrub with a brush to make it shiny and germ free.
      2. Make a window cleaner by putting vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Add some essential oils such as lemon or orange to make it smell like citrus and clean as usual but without the toxins.
      3. You can also use the mixture above to spray in your refrigerator or microwave as an antibacterial spray. Just spray and wipe.
      4. Clean those coffee/tea stained mugs by diluting some baking soda in your mugs with warm water. Let sit for 20 minutes or so, scrub and rinse to remove stains.
      5. Mix baking soda with some dish soap (natural of course) and a few drops of tea tree to make a scrub to clean the bathrooms. There are many ways to clean our homes naturally which are much healthier for us and our families then the old fashion way.
      6. Use liquid castile soap and baking soda to make a soft scrub for bathtubs and bathroom sinks.
      7. Wash all the blankets and curtains using your own homemade laundry soap recipe that you can start by grating a bar of castile soap in front of the television.
      8. Clean all your wooden surfaces using a liquid castile soap wooden surface cleaner that is a great alternative to traditional Pine Sol or Pledge.
      9. Break out the baking soda to clean your toilet or absorb odours in trashcans and on carpets.
      10. The most important spring cleaning hack of them all is to open your windows while cleaning! Even with green cleaners, indoor air is effected by cleaning products, so you want to release the build up of VOCs and scents!

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Want more spring cleaning hacks and recipes?

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