5 Eco-Friendly Breastfeeding Products For Mom And Baby

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During my eco-consultations with expectant moms, I’m often asked about about which products I’d recommend to support breastfeeding success.  After all, both mom and baby spend much time snuggled close together while nursing. Since, I’ve exclusively breastfeed for 3 of the past 5 years, I think I can answer this question! One of my babies weaned shortly after his first birthday and the other weaned with some gentle encouraging at 25 months. I’ve had quite a bit of time to consider my favourite breastfeeding products.

The Mayukori Organic Buckwheat Nursing Pillow  in zetsu bio, holds the number one position in my personal top five of green baby gear. It is Canadian made, filled with organic buckwheat hulls and covered in organic cotton. Mayukori did not have the organic option when I was breastfeeding. I purchased their regular buckwheat hull pillow after I learned that most conventional nursing pillows are made with polyurethane foam and treated with flame retardants. Umm..no thank you!

Babies (and mommies) spend many, many hours snuggling into a nursing pillow. Choosing a healthier pillow made with a naturally flame resistant material like buckwheat hulls, rubber, or wool is a simple way to reduce a baby’s exposure to flame retardants. Go get yourself one or add it to your baby registry.

breastfeeding baby pillow

After I started using cloth diapers with my youngest son, I was a lot more open to the world of reusable personal products and made the switch from disposable breastfeeding pads to reusable cotton ones. Designed to be thrown away, many disposable breast pads contain the same absorbent ingredient found in diapers-Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP). They were super soft, surprisingly absorbent, and didn’t leave sticky marks in my nursing bras. I wish my second pick,  Bummis Breast Pad Travel Pack , had been available. They are Canadian made, organic cotton, and come with a sweet little wet bag for storing your milk-covered pads. My used breast pads often ended up on top of my dresser between washes {yuck} since I didn’t like the idea of throwing them in with my regular laundry…so I think the mini wet bag is genius!

I nursed my firstborn in a not-so-comfortable Ikea chair with my foot propped on a book. It was doable but it certainly could have been better. During my second pregnancy, I tested many chairs to find myself a comfortable chair for the days worth of hours I would surely spend breastfeeding. I wanted a chair that reclined so I could rest in it while breastfeeding through the night and that would have a future life outside of my bedroom or the nursery.

The  monte grano glider recliner  in Charcoal, is the breastfeeding chair I wish I had bought! Monte is dedicated to environmentally responsible design. Their furniture is Canadian made with FSC-certified wood and without flame retardants in their foams. You can read the full list of what is NOT in their furniture here. The price for the monte grano glider was slightly out of our budget and I settled for a my second choice. If I knew then, what I know now about the toxins found in furniture I would have waited until I saved the money for a monte chair! The recliners are comfortable to sit in, recline gently, and are super stylish in a modern home! In comparison, my nursing chair looks like the easy-chairs of the 1980s and has been banished to the basement. Even though I am done nursing, unless we have a third child, I am still considering selling my nursing chair and buying a monte.

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Life as a new mom is busy. I recommend always filling up a reusable water bottle before nursing. While you are nourishing your baby, you can hydrate yourself! According to KellyMom.com, breastfeeding moms don’t necessarily need more fluid for actual milk production but do tend to consume more liquid. When you sit down to nurse, you may notice that you are actually hungry or thirsty. My fourth eco-friendly breastfeeding must-have is a Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Classic  with a sports cap. It’s perfect for one-handed drinking and can easily tuck beside you in your chair for easy access if when your baby falls asleep nursing.

My fifth pick, a Pong Rugged Case for iPhone 5 in oxygen blue, is a product that I received for review. This may be an unconventional choice for a breastfeeding must-have list but hear me out! Pong makes cases for iPhones and other electronics that reduce the radiation that the user is exposed to by redirecting it from the front of the phone to the back and sides. You can read more about how Pong reduces radiation exposure and also check out  Wired’s iPhone Pong review.

Like many moms, I spent time on my iPhone while breastfeeding, particularly during the newborn overnight hours and cluster feeding. I’d play games, read, and chat with other new moms on Facebook. With two boys, 2 and under, I did not attend mommy groups like I did with my firstborn. The connection to moms online helped me combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. In those early infancy days, my iPhone helped me so much! While I always tried to kept my smartphone away from my son’s head, I’d definitely have preferred to have a Pong case to reduce radiation exposure.

Which breastfeeding products would you add to this list?


  • Marisa Pedrosa says:

    Hi Sara,

    Love your post!

    I have the monte grano glider recliner and absolutely love it. I bought it about 3 years ago because it was Canadian made of course the design as well. The quality is impeccable, it still looks and feels brand new. I agree with you Sara, it’s a definite must have.

    I am going to take a look at the Pong, sounds really interesting.


    • Sara Vartanian says:

      Hi Marisa! Ohhh…I’m so glad to hear you have a grano! Which colour did you choose? Definitely check out the Pong Case. I choose the rugged version which I felt would be more durable because inevitabley one of my boys will pick it up and then drop it! So far, it’s been dropped many times with no issues! Also, there’s a hint of gold showing through the back which I find really pretty 🙂

      Talk soon! Sara

  • Trisha says:

    Great list. It’s been about a year since I’ve had a nursling but I really love your recommendations, especially the water bottle & phone cover. Realistic & useful. Thanks!

  • Robyn says:

    I am debating buying the monte grano glider. Do you think it’s big enough for breastfeeding twins? also, even though it doesn’t have flame retardants it is still made of polyutherane foam. Do you think that’s ok?

    • Sara Vartanian says:

      Hi Robyn, Thanks for your questions and congrats on your babies! Have you had a chance to test out a monte grano yourself? If you fit comfortable in one than breastfeeding twins should be fine. Alternatively, you could get yourself a comfy chair or use one you already have but invest in a footstool to keep your legs up. It helps you get more comfortable. As for the foam…in my opinion the Monte is a better option than most other gliders as the foam is free of the “baddies” lead, flame retardents, etc. Please get in touch if you have more questions!