Slots Review: Make an Informed Choice with Expert Input

There are hundreds of slot machines available, with each producer offering a different range of games. When picking a slot, players examine it aesthetically initially; not all of them consider the technical aspects. According to experts, determining the best slot machine is difficult due to the different factors used by each player. One thing is certain – a thorough expert review can increase the chances of having fun and winning at the slots.

Criteria for Choosing Slots

We consider the fundamental factors that objectively differentiate slots, which helps us shortlist the best slot providers.


An RTP indicator is found on every slot machine. This metric shows the player’s average rate of return over the course of a long game session. As a result, the higher the RTP, the more money the player may earn when the slot is played. A high rate of return is defined as one that is between 97 and 98 percent. If the slot only provides him 95-96 percent, it might not be worth it.

How does one determine the RTP of an online slot machine? The player can find out the return rate in the official help, or on a page with the rules, in practically all current devices from significant manufacturers. The ultimate record holder is a video slot from Relax Gaming called Moody Fruits, which was released in 2014 and has an RTP of 99.908 percent. The classic Mega Joker from NetEnt, with a payout of 99 percent, stands out among the machines with traditional rules.


The Total Number of Reels

The majority of contemporary slots contain five reels, each with three images. Slots with four, six, and different numbers of spinning reels are available. However, such devices are very rare. Three-reel slot machines are another popular kind of a slot machine. They have the same number of reels as mechanical “one-armed bandits” that started to change the casino landscape decades ago. If simplicity of the game and simple rules are vital to you, three-reel slot machines are the best option. There are seldom free spins or mini-games, although there are sometimes exceptional characters. Fruit is a common prize symbol.

Special Symbols

Not all slot machine symbols have the same purpose, which is to form prize combinations after matching within the paid prize payline. Priority and special functions are assigned to certain symbols. In most slot machines, there are three categories of special symbols: wild, scatter, and bonus. Wild may also substitute for missing base characters to complete a reward sequence. Sometimes the wild can expand the entire reel, as well as double the amount of winnings in the combination formed with its participation.

A scatter symbol is just that. The capacity to generate reward sequences without reference to the prize paylines indicated on the reels is its greatest benefit. The scatter symbol usually initiates free spins, which are granted once at least three scatter symbols appear on the reels.

The bonus itself does not pay, but the mini-game begins when a particular amount of bonuses appear on the screen at the same moment.


It all relies on the player’s preferences and interests in this case. Developers provide slots with a wide range of themes. Fruit, money, jewels, slots are often committed to the narrative of a famous film or television series. Players often pick slots only based on the topic matter; however, this is incorrect; you need to also evaluate the functionality of the gadget slots. Fortunately, various developers can create slot machines with varying levels of functionality based on the same concept.

The Risk Game

Some gamers lack the emotions and intensity that the primary game provides. As a result, most current slot machines contain a risk game as part of their operation. It’s usually a basic poker game in which you have to predict which card has the greatest value. Instead of a seniority card, a number of slots need guessing the hue. Slot machines in the risk game, in which you must estimate the suit of the card, are less popular. Remember that the rate at risk is equal to the player’s previous round wins. If the player guesses incorrectly, the full award goes to the casino’s profit.

The Amount of Reward Paylines Available and the Possibility to Choose Them

Most five-reel slot machines feature 15-20 reward paylines, and the player may generally pick how many active sequences they want. The number of reward lines accessible in three-reel slots may be restricted to five. Many new slot machines have prize paylines that are fixed, requiring the player to play all available sequences at the same time.

The usual set of reward lines has been abandoned in a number of slots and manufacturers. A fixed number of combinations were engaged in the game, such as 243 or 1024. The order in which they appear on the reels is not indicated, and you may only play on all sequences at the same time. The player is only allowed to place one stake on a single spin of the reels.