Why More Families Are Opting For Wooden Toys

wooden toys for kids

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Toy aisles are filled with the coolest, newest and flashiest toys. Kids love these of course, but there is something to be said for sticking with tried and true classic toys.

Forever timeless, wooden toys offer the same educational (and safety) benefits that children have had for generations. Modern wooden toys are the safe and environmentally sound choice, and there are some other unique benefits as well.

Little bodies are extra sensitive to chemical exposure

Plastic toys can contain chemicals such as phthalates, BPA or PVC. Paints and materials like silicone can contain lead. Sounds unlikely right? Recently a company in Canada was under fire after asbestos was found in children’s products.

With e-commerce and sites like Amazon selling up to 25% of their products direct to consumers from China, more and more toys are failing to meet International safety standards, and toy safety requirements. So lead in toys? It is again, a thing, and worth being concerned about.

Quality wooden toys are designed to be safe. They are generally made from natural materials and are non-toxic – which means you do not have to worry about little ones chewing or mouthing them.

Wooden toys are durable and built to last for generations of play

Little ones are rough on their toys. Good quality wooden toys are solid and practically indestructible. They can be used and loved many times over before they really start to show wear and tear. Easy to clean and care for, they can be enjoyed by multiple children, passed on to other families, and even sold when your little ones have outgrown them.

Without batteries and finicky plastic components wooden toys are less likely to break, suffer from missing pieces and end up in landfill. Classic designs are less likely to be tossed once your child is bored or they go out of fashion.

Looking to invest in quality wooden toys but having sticker shock? Check on local buy and sell groups for pre-loved items – they may just be the economical choice.

wooden toys for kids

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Imaginative play is key to developing creative thinking skills

Children learn about the world around them through play. Building things, creating environments allows them to make choices, develop a sense of control and independence and experiment with physics and geometry.

Wooden toys are more likely to encourage open-ended play. This means that they do not have a predetermined use. A block can be a car, or a phone, or a sandwich. It can become a brick in a castle, it can zoom down the stairs – whatever the child can imagine.

Imaginative play helps little ones nurture skills like creative thinking,  especially if the toys are basic shapes. And some modern wooden toys, like the MyFamilyBuilders toy sets, even encourage conversations about diversity.

wooden toys for toddlers

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Wooden toys are quiet – and battery free

Children are in control when they play with wooden toys. They create all of the sound affects, rather in relying on the toy itself. Little ones are allowed to experiment with different scenarios and solve problems on their own. Buzzes and beeps and electronic tunes can interrupt the normal thinking processes – and aggravate the parents (right?) causing stress.

So where there is a place for toys with electronic bells and whistles, these interactive features can take all of this children’s attention. And since we are wired for interaction and response, children are less likely to look for others to play with. This can lead to language delays, and issues socializing.

Children that enact real-life scenarios and play with others learn to be collaborative, and also benefit from learning how to interact with other people. Socialization and creative thought are wonderful and all, but the part that I like best about these toys? No batteries. No noise pollution, no batteries to make sure you have on hand, or properly dispose of.

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